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Venice, What a Wonderful City

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Venice, what a wonderful city!! I visited it 6 years ago and now I only think about returning on it!

Venice is a city in the north of Italy. It has a lot of tourist because it’s built on an archipelago of islands formed by canals. So, when you arrive to Venice, you have to leave your car at an enormous parking. If you want to use some transports in the city of Venice you can choose a gondola (a typical Venetian boat), a Vaporetto (a waterbus which plays regulars routes along the canals), a traghetto (used by Venetians to cross the Grand Canal and certain points without bridges) or even a sandolo (like a gondola but a little bit smaller and lighter).

Venice is wonderful because of his canals and because of his social events, like the Venice Biennale (a contemporary art exhibition), the Venice Film Festival (which is included on the Venice Biennale) and, of course, the Carnival of Venice. So if you want to visit Venice, I recommend you to visit it during one of these festivals to better enjoy your trip! But whenever you visit the city, you can’t forget to visit Piazza San Marco, (where you’ll find St Mark’s Basilica, a very beautiful cathedral church where you can go up to the St Mark’s Campanile, the bell tower of the cathedral), the Grand Canal (the biggest canal of the city), and Lido (which is an 11km long sandbar where, every year Venice Film Festival takes place).

So, if you have never visited Venice, I encourage you to visit it! And, if you have already visited it, I encourage you to return!


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