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Why Cities Exist Regional and Urban Economics

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In the text we described the reasons why there are cities, since its introduction is presented different points of view such as that of a soldier, a sociologist and an economist; although throughout the text the creation of cities is interpreted from an economic point of view. Then the author makes a description of the role that the economies of scale in the formation of cities, we are here shows an example with an island that produces baskets as economic activity and where the raw material is found all over the island, thus find that increased production was to increase human capital. Later we found that the agglomeration is divided into monetary and technology, where the author shows the difference in changes in production companies that depend on the size of their cities. After the text shows as a reason for the existence of cities transport costs, where the conglomeration of people is created by the individuaos have preferred to live near work sites.

In my opinion it is a very interesting text because it gives us a lot of theories and tools to understand the reason why the cities were created, ie the incentives that led to the conglomeration of individuals that comprise it. Answering this question is fundamental to raise awareness of the right to adequate time to observe how a city should grow, where transportation costs are decreased so that workers spend less time traveling and submit makers a higher productivity in their companies and have a better quality of life.


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