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Urban Mobility in Cali

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Urban mobility in cali


Urban Mobility in Cali

When we talk about urban mobility we mean all displacements that are done in the city.

These displacements are carried out in different means or systems of transport: car, public transport but also walking and cycling.

Mobility is a topic of great relevance and importance that demands to different governments the generation policies aimed at facilitating movement in urban centers, between them and their peripheries. It is a problem that all of us have to live daily 'cause every day we have to go to some place.

The big problem is that when you have to go to some place either the university or your workplace, you always will find traffic jams and we will arrive late to our destination. The problem of mobility in Cali is generally associated with negative effects generated by the poor state of the roads, the lack of these for cyclists and motorcycles, the number of vehicles and the little room to move. Also the problem is related to the population growth, in Cali there are many people that every day have to go to some place and they use different ways to go there like car, bus, taxi and walk but the city is becoming small for all of us.

Part of the mobility problem is related with the pedestrians and drivers too because they can be reckless, there are people who don’t respect the zebra crossing and drivers who do not respect the semaphores, they just cross the street regardless of the danger they cause to others. When I was learning how to drive I realized that I will never drive again because I am afraid of hurt someone because people can be so reckless, pedestrians went in front the car and I had to brake fastly, the motorcyclists passed close to the car and I had to be very concentrated because of imprudence of others.

I will show a video in which you can see the problem with the pedestrians

Every day people are trapped in traffic jams. There are critical points such as the Comuna 22 (Pance and Ciudad Jardin), an area where 130,000 vehicles circulate every day. The output from the Cañasgordas Avenue, the route Cali - Jamundí and the street 13 is an odyssey in the morning.

Transit Secretary Alberto Hadad, said that although the evacuation was coordinated vehicles, “do not fit the cars “.

“The caleños not want to share the car. Universities and schools do not want to set flexible schedules, the number of cars exceeds any measure. No citizen collaboration," Hadad said.

Through social networks, caleños manifest nonconformity by traffic.

As a solution people have to think about using the public transportation and encourage non-motorized transport such as bike routes and itineraries from the east towards the south


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