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  • Audiovisual Communication

    Audiovisual Communication

    Audiovisual communication ========== Audiovisual communication Information is an amount of data, and it is measure in terms of quantity. It has an important relation between false and true parameters. One of the important characteristics is the veracity. It can be true but it can also be false. It is not

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  • Cnn Vs. Fox News

    Cnn Vs. Fox News

    Asdfghjkl ========== Sandra Cristina Villegas Cruz 1884841 CNN vs. FOX News. We all watch the news whether is on our phones, on tv or on the newspaper (not so much these days), wherever it is we always end up on some news sites, because they are the ones in charge

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  • Human Resource Consultancy Report

    Human Resource Consultancy Report

    C:\Users\imi\Downloads\imi.png Human Resource Planning Recruitment and Selection Report GROUP 2 Table of Contents Acknowledgment3 Executive Summary4 Introduction5-7 Background5 Introduction to the companies chosen6 Methodology7 Organization Strategy8 Mission, Vision and Values8 Staffing Strategy9-10 Staffing Levels9-10 Staffing policies and programmes11-23 Support Activities11-18 Legal Compliance11 HR Planning12-14 Job Analysis15-17 Core Staffing Activities18-22 Recruitment18-19

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  • Kenneth Burke’s Pentad

    Kenneth Burke’s Pentad

    Kenneth Burke’s Pentad Alexandra Lebahn Kenneth Burke is one of the most important rhetorical theorists since Aristotle (Borcher’s, 2006, p.144). One of his major accomplishments was his pentad theory. This theory consisted of five parts: act, scene, agent, agency, and purpose. Each of these categories help suggests how the world

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  • Urban Mobility in Cali

    Urban Mobility in Cali

    Urban mobility in cali ========== Urban Mobility in Cali When we talk about urban mobility we mean all displacements that are done in the city. These displacements are carried out in different means or systems of transport: car, public transport but also walking and cycling. Mobility is a topic of

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