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Human Resource Consultancy Report

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Human Resource Planning Recruitment and Selection



Table of Contents


Executive Summary4



Introduction to the companies chosen6


Organization Strategy8

Mission, Vision and Values8

Staffing Strategy9-10

Staffing Levels9-10

Staffing policies and programmes11-23

Support Activities11-18

Legal Compliance11

       HR Planning12-14

   Job Analysis15-17

Core Staffing Activities18-22


        Selection and Employment and Sourcing19-22

Comparison of Processes23

Roles and Responsibilities for R&S process 24

Summary and Conclusion25


Annexures and References27


Without the constant help, cooperation & encouragement of each other we would not have progressed in the project.

We wish to express our deep gratitude to Prof. Swati Dhir for providing us an opportunity to work on the project. We are highly indebted to her, for her neverending guidance and support. We extend our gratitude to IMI New Delhi for giving us this chance.

Last but not the least our gratitude goes to all our friends and batch mates who directly or indirectly helped us complete this project report.

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Executive Summary

We had to choose a sector and three companies to analyze their recruitment and selection practices. This would help us to understand better the hiring methods of that particular sector.

It would also help us to identify all the theoretical concepts that we learned and see and understand how that is practically applied in industry.

Sector chosen:  Consulting

Companies chosen:  1. McKinsey

                                     2. Bain and Company

                                     3. Boston Consulting Group

1 - Introduction

1.1 - Background:

Consulting is one of the sectors in India that is growing and is expected to be a Rs. 27000 Crores industry by 2020, as per The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India. Presently, there are approx 6000 consulting firms in India, with Delhi holding a market share of 25.7%.

The fast growth is largely because of improved investment activities, relaxation in FDI restrictions, entry of many global players in the Indian market, low-cost structure, and capabilities in areas like management, IT, telecommunication, civil engineering, and power.

The major strengths of the industry are professional competence, low-cost structure, high acceptability, quick learning flexibility, strong personal skills, attentive approach and overall business understanding. Despite limitations, like limited presence in abroad due to lack of strengthened market expertise, lack of strategic tie-ups, low-quality assurance, low brand equity, the consulting sector in India is responding to the ever-changing dynamic needs of the clients and seeking inventions to meet their future goals.

The biggest challenge that consulting firms are facing is that many consulting firms still believe outsourcing restrains their growth in the outsourced regions.

To summarize, Consulting is growing leaps and bounds in our country and what it needs is a strong framework of Indian industry which can be achieved by nurturing talent, embracing innovation and enhancing and improving the consulting skills.

1.2 - Introduction to the companies chosen: 

  1. McKinsey –

The company is a global management consulting firm that serves a broad range of private, public and social sector institutions. Present in 120+ cities with McKinsey offices, 14000 consultants worldwide, 90+ years of experience in management consulting, McKinsey identifies itself as a consulting firm that is defined by its people. It operates as a single partnership united by a solid set of ethics, including a deep commitment to diversity.

With their findings published worldwide and their engagement of leading intellectuals on the most pressing issues facing their client and society, their work is founded on a demanding understanding of every client’s established background and the macro environment and dynamics.


  1. Bain and company –

“Bain will challenge what you think you know, push you to outperform what you thought was possible and help you create advantage from every opportunity.” (Source: And this is exactly what Bain does. Bain, one of the world’s leading management consulting firms, works with change-oriented managers to help them make better and informed choices, convert those decisions to actions and attain their goals.

Bain has worked with the majority of Global 500. With 57 offices in 36 countries around the world, they work seamlessly together to enable their clients to outperform the stock market, thereby releasing the power of passion, values, and people.

  1. BCG -

A strong culture anchored in a clear set of values helps make BCG a market leader—and a rewarding, inspiring place to work” (Source: By bringing the right people together to challenge the traditional thinking, they work to build the competences that help organizations in achieving sustainable advantage, thereby determining the future.


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