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Cnn Vs. Fox News

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Sandra Cristina Villegas Cruz


CNN vs. FOX News.

We all watch the news whether is on our phones, on tv or on the newspaper (not so much these days), wherever it is we always end up on some news sites, because they are the ones in charge of keeping us updated on what is going on in the world, but how are we sure that what they are saying to us is the truth, because there are so many news sites, blogs and articles online, each one of them with a different setting, different ways of telling the stories and different opinions, so based on that, is what they are communicating to us, whether is the truth or not. At the end of the day, they publish according to their ideals and their beliefs or what they are only interested on communicating to the people, they may keep the details, or they may add more than what is the truth to make their story popular. A good news network should be neutral, they should make the stories as truthful as possible and not include any inclinations whether to a certain religion, or beliefs so people can make up our own interpretations.

We are going to compare two news networks: CNN and FOX News, We are going to compare their selection of stories on their front pages and how different are in terms of coverage.

At first sight we can see that their selection of stories is really different; while the CNN site has more space dedicated to sports and travel section instead of the international news. On the other hand on the FOX site, they have more stories, and they are classified by continents so that makes it easier if you are looking for news on an specific country and I think that is a good thing because you can be informed about what is happening in other countries, instead of only your own or only the US which is mostly the case in other news networks, they only focus on the stories for big countries or news that are more likely to go viral or have more attention.

Now comparing the same story on both sites we can see that FOX News only gives us general details, and they focus a lot on what people have been saying about the story and how certain people are taking it, instead of providing details of what really happened, why did this happened and what is the government´s response to this; they also made a lot of assumptions on what may have happened when the details hadn’t been released yet. In the other hand, CNN has been following the story and giving details that have been coming up in the past few days, so I think in the aspect of news coverage and following the stories CNN has better articles, they give specific details about the story, they stick to what is only been reported or said by the official sources and staying out of the opinions of others who may not know


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