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Child Development (news Clip Analysis)

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Fortunately, Bryce is blessed with a loving, caring, and supportive family to help him get through his cancer. It sounds like his parents are always there for him and they do what they can to help their son feel better. According to the article, the community and society were also positively involved, through a Superman Campaign that was held for Bryce not too long ago (Pellitiere, 2015). A couple pictures were posted of Cole and Bryce in the article. Just by judging the background of the pictures, it looks as if Bryce is being raised in a safe and healthy environment. Not only does that benefit him as a child, but it also is even more beneficial to his illness because a poor environment can negatively affect him in many ways (e.g., it could worsen his cancer or the community might not treat the family well).

Lastly, I think Cole has made a major impact on Bryce’s emotional development. He did something so small but then again it was a huge act of kindness and meant a lot to Bryce and his family. There aren’t many people in the world that would drive 11 hours to visit a little boy they have never met before. It makes me happy to see there are still kind-hearted people out there that are willing to go out of their way to put a smile on someone’s face. Cole reminded Bryce how special and amazing he was. Bryce’s emotional development can differ from the typical child because he may view certain things in a different way. It’s very sad to see what he is going through but when looking on the bright side, Bryce is able to see a whole other side that majority of children can’t relate to at his age. For what he’s been through, he’s an incredibly strong little boy.



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