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Gap Analysis of Sustainable Development Implementation Using Isrs8 in Pt Pertamina (persero) Refinery Unit VI Balongan

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Based on the planning and leadership, PT PERTAMINA (Persero) RU VI Balongan have regularly reported its environmental performance in PROPER reporting documents, annual reports, and another related reports that is regularly presented to company's stakeholder. These reports already contain: total weight and total volume of used raw, recycled raw, directly used energy, total water consumption, used natural land and the effects of company's activities to biodiversity, greenhouse gas emission, NOX and SOX, total waste based on its disposal method, water disposal, chemical spill, oil, fuel, initiatives to reduce the effects of products to environment, and fine and sanction for breaking any law and environmental regulations.

However, there are some deficiencies in the implementation of the practice of leadership in the entire board of directors of companies that could be improved. For the example, there are such as the lack of absorption values ​​of the company in the ranks of employees to contractors working in the company. In addition, the lack of participation of all organizations in setting goals. This is due to lack of encouragement from leaders to employees that led to express opinions and take part in joint decision-making. In addition, the inclusion of evidence of formal documents related to the performance of assets that could be a key factor in determining the leadership quality is still very lacking.

To that end, PT PERTAMINA (Persero) RU VI Balongan is advised to improve the process of communicating the existing values in the company to all the elements that work in it. PT PERTAMINA (Persero) RU Start VI Balongan should also familiarize modern type of leadership as it is now, where a good leader actually a very good listener. Where he should be able to involve all employees in delivering inputs so that the goals fore produced are derived from all elements of company.

Risk Family (Risk Evaluation, Risk Control, and Risk Evaluation

Evaluation of risk in PERTAMINA RU VI begins with a preliminary study environment (environmental baseline review) in the Study Environmental Impact Assessment of Development Projects Refinery EXOR document who have examined the possible impacts generated by the company that do business in Balongan. The impacts' analysis is done based on environmental terms of physical-chemical, biological, and socio-cultural. The impact of the development is learned based on terms of the pre, during and post construction. The company also has an environmental hazard control efforts undertaken by each section and functions that have been identified as having a specific environmental impact. Each section and then perform a variety of functions Environmental Management Program (PML). The list of efforts to control the environmental impact then reported in RPL.

Associated with risk control, 'clean production' system is actually a very applicable, whether it is reuse (reuse), reduction of materials (reduce), to reprocessing (recycling) engineering is very likely to do. PERTAMINA RU VI Balongan aware of this with some water conservation program with programs such as:

- Recirculation of cooling water

- Low Pressure Steam Recovery (LPSR)

- Reduction of raw water boiler feed

- Reduction of service water as wash water in the desalter

- Recycle Waste Water WWTP

- The use of factory air as water substitution in balancing media

In conducting the real time monitoring, the company already has a tracking process to monitor and track the monitoring measures with HAZOP studies, SWAT inspection, observation PEKA, and joint management inspection.

Especially for the HSE section, PERTAMINA RU VI had had a routine patrol to issues of safety, security, and environment. Routine patrol conducted to see the work being done partner companies primarily related aspects of HSE as workmanship garden, ditch cleaning, transporting waste from the refinery, and others.

At every work in the company that is done by the third party (contractor) always begin with toolbox meeting between the company and its business partners. The meeting discusses any potential occupational risks that may occur, and also requirements' check of JSA (Job Safety Analysis).

Although the company has a system of evaluation, management and monitoring of risk that is quite good enough, a few shortcomings in the implementation of it at PT PERTAMINA (Persero) RU VI Balongan is still found such as the use of the documents which are already quite old and not updated, even though a lot of conditions existing already changed and need to be evaluated. In addition, most of the risk handling programs that are already developed is in form of a remediation that only take any problems curatively. Mitigate and risk control are still too focused on administrative controls and PPE, while the control effort in terms of design / engineering is still lacking. So far, the company has only one waste water recycling unit for reuse in the process. In fact, for a company of Pertamina RU VI Balongan, the recycling unit should have bigger and better as a symbol of commitment to the environment.

Maintenance Family (Project Management, Asset Management, Contractor and Purchasing Management)

PERTAMINA RU VI Balongan is a very large company with assets worth trillions of rupiah. Therefore, the company is aware that good asset management is an essential point that must be done. These commitment has been shown by a lot of inspection activities, one of them is the inspection of special equipment for a wide range of tools that are related to the protection of company assets. PERTAMINA RU VI has had inspections for a variety of tools ranging from fire detectors, fire alarms, ventilation systems, P3K, control center, rescue equipment, spill response equipment, and others. The entire equipment is routinely inspected to ensure assets can remain protected under various conditions. Systems for identifying this equipment is set up in conjunction with the measurement and testing of the tool set forth in the Certificate document TKI SSEIE No. C018 / E16142 / 2015-S9.

Beside the asset management, monitoring contractor performance is usually done by all senior managers. In terms of evaluating the performance of contractors, RU VI Balongan have an evaluation system for the job that is performed by contractors or by internal resources (non contractor, often refers as 'organic member'. This evaluation will be performed by the Maintenance


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