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A Trip to the Capital City

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Jhansi was the upcoming station on my journey. A new state again, it was Uttar Pradesh. We all have read about Jhansi in our school life. One of the eminent personality of India, Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bai belongs to this city. It was a brief stop at Jhansi. I couldn’t spend enough time to experience Jhansi, but I was a decent experience. The train moved on and the next station was Mathura another culturally important city of Uttar Pradesh. Mathura is the birth place of lord Krishna. This too was a brief stop but before the train left I quickly got down from the train and touched the land of “Shri Krishna Janma Bhoomi” .I did it so that I could tell my friends about me being to the land of Lord Krishna. It not a matter to be boasted off but still I was quite happy to have done that. My train started to leave to reach final stop or my “final destination”.

The train hurled through Uttar Pradesh and finally entered the city of my dreams Delhi. The city which I always dreamt to study in. My train arrived at New Delhi Railway Station. As soon as I set my foot on the land of Delhi I experience this blistering heat touch my skin. At first I thought that maybe its because of my long journey in an A/C coach, it is only later from the natives I leanred that Delhi is usually hotter than it was on that day. I started thinking of my possibilities to be able to survive in this heat. For the past two years I have been staying in Bangalore(Bengaluru now) which is cold most of the year. I had only heard and read of Delhi’s heat but when it came to experience the heat, I suffered a lot.

Then I enter the city and with the help of my google maps I was able to find the location of the college which I was supposed to get admission in. I enquired about the college. I found the college to be apt place for me to pursue my graduation but the only thing I was worried about its extreme weather. I stayed in Delhi for two days and visited all the places which Delhi is famous for. I suffered from “miliaria” (rashes caused by heat and sweat) as my body could not adapt to the extreme change in the temperature. Those two days were very difficult for me. Ibegan to wonder as to what would happen to me when I will have to stay for 3 years to complete my graduation. Finally after discussing with my parents, I decided to drop the idea of studying in Delhi and I left from there.

As this journey marked an end to my dream but overall it was a wonderful experience which surely changed my life. And it also made me realise that Delhi was not how I dreamt of it. I returned from Delhi and I decided to pursue my graduation in Bangalore itself.


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