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Advantages and Disadvantages of Exercise with Weights

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Exercise with Weights


People use weights, to be more accepted in society because today being strong, muscular, a good body, is essential for many things, think that if they do not have a good body can never get a girlfriend or a boyfriend, Think that people will not accept it at all, say that exercising with weights has become not so much a healthy lifestyle, but that it became a fake fashion that most young people and teenagers especially do.

Main Part:

Dumbbells or dumbbells do not cost much, are portable and are available in almost any department store. And the exercise you can do it wherever you want, whether in your room, in your bedroom or wherever you want.

However, the main difference between free weights and machines is the fact that when using free weights, you can move in three dimensions: forward, backward, horizontally and vertically. This is important because that is the way your body normally moves in everyday life.

But nevertheless the weights have many advantages as well as disadvantages one of the most common advantages is the increase of the muscles, since when doing exercise with weights begins to grow the muscle, also other of the advantages of doing exercise with weights is of Which is versatile in workouts, that is, weights help you in a lot of sports like gymnastics and athletics, to give an example, exercising with weights helps to create more strength in your arms and you can do a little or an endless Things in athletics, be it bullet throwing, discus throwing etc etc, and in gymnastics it helps your arms since when you do stunts you need a lot of strength in the arms to be able to keep you on the spot.

Weight training stimulates metabolism. This allows you to burn calories more quickly because you increase muscle mass, which uses much more energy than fat tissue.

We have already seen or discovered a few advantages, now we can go to what is the disadvantage of exercising with weights.

When you use weights, you involve more muscles, and if you do not have a proper position or the strength to work with them you can easily hurt, in fact you can cause serious problems in your body.

It is difficult to point the muscles is because their movement is not fixed, with weights is more difficult. It is more difficult to isolate and target specific muscles. Beginners need instruction in the proper technique, and workouts require conscious care and control. You may have to find an assistant to supervise your workout, especially when lifting heavier weights.


Finally the only thing I can say is that it is the decision of each person to know


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