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Benefits of Exercise

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“Benefits of Exercise”

Exercise is a good way to relax and be in shape. Nowadays exercising is very important to a person’s health, you can do workouts to keep fit, for example running, jogging, swimming and any sport. For some people do exercise is to enjoy it but for others could be boring and difficult because they never practice. Exercising also improve your health because is mainly for cardiovascular fitness. The focus of this essay is to show the benefits of exercise in order to raise awareness and get people begins to practice any exercise and have a healthy life.

The main benefit is to lose weight or maintain in order to get in shape and look good body. Another benefit is that exercise gives you more energy to do many things during the day, also it helps to release our feelings like be stressed, angry or depressed. Some people are less activate these days due to technology has been in charge of distract us with things that does not help us motivate to exercise.

Some diseases such as hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, insomnia and depression can be prevented if all of us practice any kind of exercise. According to Bird, S., Smith, A., and James, K. (1998) for those who do exercise reduces the risk of a further attack, improves physical capacity and reduces other hypokinetic diseases and improves mental state. In fact regular physical activity can help you prevent or manage a wide range of health problems.

One of the principal problems of healthy is the obesity which is a risk for heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and hardening of the arteries. Inactivity results in inefficient use of calorie intake toward energy usage. Emphasis needs to be placed on maximizing fat loss and minimizing lean tissue loss. Specifically, weight loss in an obese individual is ideal when 75% of weight loss is body fat. (Murray, 1994)

It is important that people of all ages do exercise because aside from improve health also improves their mood and make us feel happier and more relaxed. As well as make us feel better with our appearance and improve our self-esteem. In order to increase our mood, sometimes we can take a walk in a park or go swimming on the beach. On the other hand when people around us see improvements in our health and physical they are also motivated to do exercise, we inspired others to workout.

Every person have to choose the appropriate exercise. Exercise benefits the individual throughout the entire lifespan and it is never too late to start. While different individuals have unique needs and specifications for exercise programs, there is a common consensus concerning


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