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do You Know the Benefits of Reading Books?

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“There are those who cannot imagine a world without birds;

There are those who can imagine a world without water;

As far as I’m concerned, I cannot imagine a world without books” Jorge Luis Borges.

It could be the best quote for inspiring a lot of people, not just for book lovers but for everybody because reading has a lot of benefits in health and life style. It can do wonderful things like making people improve their empathy with another person, it teaches to think for building a free thought, that’s necessary in the society, and finally, it’s the best option for developing communication among people.

According to International Reading Association, every year vocabulary is one of the most common things that people improve when they read some books. Well, vocabulary is essential for talking. In children, the vocabulary in their development helps when they grow up because in school, they improve in many activities. Also, according to “ Bringing Words To Life “ by Isabel Beck, studies from many scientists, show that the best use for words can expand the imagination and thought for kids. In addition, the book recommends for expanding vocabulary, to read aloud considering that´s important for understanding the reading. Resultado de imagen para libros

Books can help you with a lot of perspective with the world. Moreover, reading books give you an infinitive imagination. The books can build the comprehension about a lot of things. It can make easier to express your ideas, to give you many abilities like reflection, analysis, to exert yourself and concentration because, people who have reading habit owns cognitive autonomy about learning by themselves for all their lives. Also, reading gives you extraordinary tools for comparing, defining, arguing. Even, it increases information about culture and knowledge.

The empathy with people gets better when you read according to studies of Münster’s University in Germany because they identify that people who read a lot show their books like an act of confidence about themselves because many times, these people have a lot of troubles socializing. In addition, the reading makes you more tolerant, less prejudiced, resistant to changes, more universal and proud about yourself.

Never it’s late for starting a new habit like reading, for you, for kids, for everyone. Don’t allow kids to miss a tool for their development. Even, everybody can read because it’s useful and entertaining and the best part! You can read everywhere you want, whatever thing you want to read! It’s all your choice.



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