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Book Life Movie

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Book life movie


The story begins with a group of children and a museum guide, who shows them a room dedicated to Mexican folklore, within which is the Book of Life. She tells a story of the book that revolves around a love triangle between Manolo ,Joaquin and Maria.

Catrina spirits ruler of the Land of the Remembered, and Xibalba (Ron Perlman), ruler of the Land of the Forgotten, appear in the Day of the Dead in the town of San Angel, where Joaquin and Mary are playing like children. They make a deal: Catrina bets Manolo to marry Mary, while Xibalba bets Joaquin will. If Catrina wins, Xibalba had to stop meddling the affairs of men, but if he wins, they’ll exchange kingdoms. However, Xibalba cheats by giving Joaquín the medal of eternal life, which makes the wearer become invincible. The next day, Mary releases a herd of animals, which angers his father the General Posada, who decides to send her to Spain to learn how to behave. On parting, Chuy, and Mary gives Manolo a new guitar with an engraving that says "Always play from the heart”.

As the years pass, Manolo is trained by his father Carlos to become a professional bullfighter in accordance with the family tradition of Sanchez, while Joaquín becomes the hero of San Angel with the help of the medal of eternal life. During the bullfight Manolo refuses to end the bull, disappointing his father and the public but giving like Mary. That night, Mary learns that her father is planning her marriage to Joaquín; However, Mary is conflicted by his feelings for Manolo. Maria and Manolo are secretly on the outskirts of San Angel, declaring their love for each other when they are interrupted by a snake, commanded by Xibalba, biting Mary. When Joaquín and general Posada blame Manolo for not protecting Maria.

Manolo wakes up in the land of the Remembered, where he meets with his mother Carmen and his illustrious deceased family members. They lead up to the castle of the Catrina but realize that now Xibalba rules the kingdom; He explains his bet with Catrina and that two snake bites are needed to truly die, implying that Mary is alive, and that the Catrina is in the land of the Forgotten.

So Manolo, her mother Carmen and grandfather Luis Sanchez is on its way to the land of the Forgotten, they come to a place where a maze is raised and appear huge balls in the end the maze floor. They enter a cave where they meet the Man of wax, which says that in the Book of Life, the pages of the life of Manolo are blank, then tell them where is the land of the Forgotten. When they find the Catrina, appears Xibalba who promises to return her to life if he can win a bullfight with bulls who have died.

During that time, Carlos (Manolo's father) was in the tomb of Manolo, but the army Chakal that kills appears appears. Joaquín was about to marry Mary, until it leaves a child screaming


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