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Life Is Beautiful - Movie Analisis Questions

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Life is beautiful- movie analisis questions


Life is Beautiful Discussion Questions

1. What are the defining characteristics of Guido's character?

Guido is a gentle man who's always positive and happy, those are his defining characteristics. He is a brave man that would risk everything to get what he wants and make the people who he cares for the most be positive and glad.

2. How does the author convey these to the audience?

The author convey these by making Guido a funny character and demonstrate how he is all happy even though he's poor and doesn't have the perfect life like he pretends to have.

3. How would you describe the tone or mood of this movie so far?

The tone of this movie so far, in the first half its very funny and interesting how some people's perspective change. The attitude of the author towards us, the audience is to be open-minded and don't get negative towards your conditions of living, etc.

4. Is life beautiful so far in this film? Why or why not?

I think life is beautiful in the beginning of the film. Guido has a job as a waiter that he doesn't seems to hate, he feels proud all time and he is capturing his love's attention by making her feel beautiful when at last she feels attracted by him and have a kid together.

5. What signs have you seen that this will be a film about the Holocaust?

In the film they show soldiers marching down the streets while Guido is walking around with his son. Later on, two strange men (possibly policemen) go looking for him and take him away. Later on Guido and his family all go on a train.

6. What are the initial signs that Guido is very protective of his son?

Guido makes everything looks like it's a game so his son won't worry or be sad about what people are doing to him. Also, Guido never let's go of his son in any time.

7. Describe how music has been used in today's viewing, especially when Guido is taken away by the police officers?

It's used like to express the viewers that it's an intense and difficult moment for people in that time.

8. How life still beautiful in is today's viewing?

Well after all that's happening, Guido is still with his son and positive that they're going to make it out of the Holocaust alive. Life isn't beautiful in this point of the film, when they go in the train.

9. How has the tone and mood shifted in this day's viewing?

The tone in this day's viewing it isn't easy at all. The author makes us see in a kind of funny point of view how awfully those days in the Holocaust were and how Nazis treated Jews.

10. How have the costumes, colors, and music changed to reflect this new mood?

The costumes and colors changed critically from colorful elegant and clean cloths to black and white stripes prisoner's pajamas looking dirty cloth. The music now reflects awful moments and time of sadness.

11. Why does Guido set up the game for Joshua? What is he hoping to accomplish?

I think that the reason that Guido made up the game for Joshua was because he was trying to protect his son from all the cruel reality that was happening around him in the camps. He doesn’t want Joshua to suffer or be afraid of everything that there about to live.

12. How are the horrific images of the Holocaust used in this movie so far?

Since the arrived at the camps, we can see how the Germans so badly treat them, like they aren’t even humans. Throughout the movie we can see


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