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Imagine Your Life Without Electronic Devices

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Imagine your life without electronic devices. The alarm to wake you up every morning, the messenger to communicate with your boss, family, friends, and even the internet to search; all of your patterns to live would change. Nowadays in our society, electronic devices take an important role. It is true that it changed our life from 30 years ago and have some bad consequences such as addiction, so we have to understand that negative consequences also exist. Therefore, just a little bit of restrictions for electronics are required in our society.

First and foremost, developing new things are always fundamental. This is now becoming a fact in our society; none of us refuse development. As you already know, humans are trying to develop all sorts of things to achieve an "ideal" quality of life. Can you imagine spending 10 hours rather than 30 minutes for searching an information? Life without videos, dramas, calling friends, playing games and a lot more? We can`t even imagine our life without electronic devices; we don`t even know how big is the convenience provided by electronics. Furthermore, electronic devices give some effects on our brain, an effect which has both good and bad sides. The benefit given by them is the ability to scan information quickly but efficiently. However, it also decreases the ability to think creatively. Also, we have to understand that the problem of addiction for electronic devices are very dangerous. So, we should be careful about the problems but although develop them.

Finally, electronic devices are a big learning "factors". Imagine about your childhood. Did you have a role model that you wanted to become like? Nowadays, electronic devices are becoming a big role model for other objects. For example, the AMOLED LED screen. It is a special screen made for smart phones to prevent losing your eyesight because of smart phone. This has been a good model to make special lamps which doesn`t hurt eyesight than others. The skills which developed the electronics have been used in other careers.

In conclusion, electronic devices have both good and bad sides. They have some problems like addiction. But, they develop our quality of life, our brain, give ideas for other careers; the benefit provided by them is much greater than disadvantages.

Therefore, little bit of restrictions for electronics are required in our society.


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