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Worst Day of My Life - Personal Essay

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Then we waited for Uncle. All the time I had a thought of father. Then a doorbell rang. I opened the door and I found my Uncle. I suddenly hugged him with tears. He said “let’s go for sacrifice.

At the time of sacrificing moments Uncle ordered me to hold the legs of goat. My hands were holding the legs, but my mind was holding the hands of my father. My mind was all diverted towards the thought. As he starting cutting the neck of goat, as the goat jumped with pain, he kicked me and I lose his legs.

He was in pain then I again hold his legs and then Uncle finished the sacrifice. After that, I realized that the kick was not meant to hurt me. It was to get my mind back. I realized that he knew my thinking while sacrificing him, he was in pain and he wanted the relief with that pain he had. And this was only can possible if I hold him hard with my mind. I thought he also knew my pain and I should have to know his pain. I will miss him and those 10 days a lot. My sister insisted me to eat something and I refused. Then my uncle said, “Saad you have not eaten anything from breakfast and now its 8:00pm .it’s meaningless to not eat anything, you thing It can help to relieve your father’s pain? No. so please eats something. I’m sure that your father won’t be happy to hear that his son is not eating anything.

Then I thought he might be right then I asked to my sister, “what’s in the meal?” she smiles and served me the food. All the time I was waiting for father and praying for him.

At 10:15pm, a doorbell rang again. I ran towards the door and I saw that there were my father, mother and brother standing alongside each other as he spoke me hug him hard, that moment was the happiest moment of my life. After all I’ve happy never see someone as that time,

Then I took a long breathe of relief and then we ate dinner and got slept. So that’s how my worst date got its end finally. I wish to never experience that day again.


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