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A Wish in the Air - Personal Essay

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the wind finally floated her to the other tree.She did not recognize her family because they were all flowers.Very beautiful flowers.So once again Dandlelin said this to herself “This time I actually give up on finding my family,I won’t ever find my family!”. Her family heard Dandelin , because her family was behind her.Then Dandelin tried not to cry,but she could not help herself.But then her mom was floated by the air next to Dandelion.Then her mom started to speak.Dandelion’s mom said “My sweet Dandelion you already found your family”. Dandelion got startled. Dandelion got very happy when she saw her mom and the rest if her family.Dandelin told her mom and the rest if her family that she has been in Utah for 6 years and that she was in Carson City For 2 years and California for 1 day.Then Dandelin told her family all about her travel and how she was carried away by the wind for a long time.Dandelin also told her family that she did not recognize them because they were all flowers.Then finally she told her family she loved them and Dandelion also learned a lesson.Her lesson was to never say never.Then Dandelion’s dad said “ Look sweetie you are growing your first leaf and petal!”. Dandelin was proud of herself. Dandelin was proud of her travel and her first petal and leaf.Dandelion also said this in her head “There was a wish in the air”. The End


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