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The Hidden Treasure of Glaston Book Report

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of Glastonbury Abbey, there is no evidence that Hugh is pious, but, by the end of his journey, Hugh shows by his thoughts, words, and actions that he is a religious young man. When Jacques was in trouble Hugh helped him get to Glaston so he could receive sanctuary. This showed that he was religious because he knew the rites and ways of the church. Hugh was given a vision of the Holy Grail and after he had saved Brother John from the fire he found out that he was miraculously healed. He his leg was no longer lame! It was a miracle graced to him by God. After Hugh had seen the vision of the Holy Grail and found out that he was healed, Hugh found the true meaning of the Holy Grail, “It hath been borne in upon my mind that the Holy Grail is never found by seeking, but the sight of it, the vision is given by God to whom He will. Why He gives it and when, no man can tell; that is a deep and sacred mystery.” During Hugh’s search for the Holy Grail, we can see him grow into a strong and brave catholic.

Though Hugh arrived at the monastery as a sobbing boy, his adventures for a noble cause helped him grow into a responsible, persevering, and religious young man. In the end Hugh chooses faith and responsibility over what he wanted to do. We are all given a gift to share to the world and we must follow God’s path for us. Let us hope that we do not use our gifts with pride or to use them for personal gain. Each and every one of us has a reason that we are all special and unique. I think that this book should not only be used to teach kids the consequence of your actions, but to show them what true responsibility, perseverance, and faith can give.


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