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Freakonomics Book Report

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There are eight factors that do not have any relationship with student scores. The first, the students are very harmonious family. The second, the parents of the students moved to a better community. The third, the mother of the students after the child was born between kindergarten did not work. The forth, the parents of students often take their children to the museum. The fifth, students are often beaten. The sixth, students participated in the child development plan. The seventh, students often watch TV. The eighth, the parents of students almost every day reading the book to the children. The former eight factors indicate the characteristics of the parents themselves; the latter eight factors are the parents do what to their children.

Obviously, we overestimate the so-called family education skills.

But that does not mean that parents are not important. There is no doubt that parents play a very important role in the growth of their children's life. However, most parents are born after the child began to learn how to educate children, then it was too late. If their parents are smart, diligent, well educated, have a good income, can organize a good family, their children are likely to be successful. But the parents do what the child is not so important, admit that often play the child's parents may be relatively honest and open parents; the key is what their parents have their own characteristics, how they are people. From this point of view, many of today's parents, like the politicians we talked about earlier, are trying to raise the election money because they believe that money can help them win the election, but in fact can really help them Winning the election is their own traits, if the voters do not like a person, no matter how much money he put into no avail.

The study on adoption also confirms this problem:

Parents of adopted children are usually poor and limited, so even if the adoptive parents are successful, very smart, very focused on education, adopted children tend to generally lower. But when the adopted children grow up, their fate does not seem to be as their IQs are doomed to. Compared with unaccompanied children, adopted children are more likely to be admitted to the university, find a good job of income, the establishment of a good family. So, the conclusion is that the real change in the fate of these children, it is those who adopt their parents.

It is this book that makes me realize that economics is not so much a philosophy as a philosophical, the value of this discipline can be prevalent in all aspects of social life, for everyone, each Family, every organization, every economic entity, and even every country has extraordinary significance and value. The value of economics for our non-economists in terms of ordinary people there are two aspects:

We can directly apply the results of modern economics to improve our lives, simply to help us get more money, the most critical areas of economics are the economic field, such as: when the iron ore import prices rise, the iron and steel What is the trend of the company's stock? What is the trend of the downstream stocks of steel? When interest rates rise, we need to know why our country is making such a decision now. What is the impact of such a decision? What will be the impact on our lives? How should we deal with it? Why should we promote consumption when the export market is frustrated? What is the means to promote the consumption of the country? What area does it develop? How to develop What are the effects on us?

Methodology of economics: The economics methodology in the book is divided into three aspects: the first level is the cornerstone of the methodology of economics; the second level is the screening of the data; the third level: based on the correct data to ask questions and Solve the problem.

In short, "Devil Economics" can develop a lot of real life you must re-understanding of the problem, but also inspire you some thinking, and will let you feel the joy of thinking, to achieve this, I think I very much agree that this is a very good book.


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