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National Basketball Association

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National Basketball Association


Hello, today I'm going to talk about the NBA, National Basketball Association, which is the American basketball league. This league was founded in 1946 in New York and has the participation of 30 teams divided into two conferences: east and west. As you may know, this is the best and most watched league in the world and it is also where sportsmen are better paid, because this is because America has been a basketball-bound country ever since. Basically, this competition is divided in the regular championship where eight teams from each conference are cleared and playoff, a kind of elimination of the best of five where it is determined who will be the American champion. The most referenced US teams are the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics because they are the most championship teams. In addition, there are also some players who stand out, such as Lebron James, Stephen Curry or Michael Jordan, who no longer plays. For teams to select and hire players there is the NBA DRAFT where a list of the best players from the US Universities is made and where the teams negotiate with the players that they want, in addition, it is also possible that the American teams hire players abroad.

In addition, there is also another show that involves this league called All Star Weekend, where the best players of this league are chosen through online voting. Then there is a game and several individual competitions between the players during a weekend. This show has spectators from all over the world, including Portugal, where there is a live broadcast on SportTV.

Unfortunately the NBA never had a player of Portuguese nationality, nevertheless, a Portuguese woman of name Patricia Penicheiro was one of the best players of WNBA, Woman National Basketball Association, being that it played in Old Dominion University and later in the Los Angeles Sparks

The greatness of American basketball is also visible in its selection, constituted by players of American nationality who play in the NBA and that generally wins any world competition with relative ease which shows how this country is evolved with respect to the others, in terms of basketball

Personally, I love and accompany American basketball frequently, in my opinion, besides being a competition is also a spectacle carried out by excellent athletes. The NBA has several forms of promotion, such as through virtual games, visits of players to other countries or even jerseys, such as the ones I bring here.

The NBA also has a project called NBA CARES. Through the 'NBA Cares',


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