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European Union for the United Nations Model

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"Essay: secretariat convocation"

Alejandra Mata Mardegain.

3°A Secondary.

Delivery date: 29/10/2012

United Nations Organization

1. UNO´s Origin:

The Second World War was one of the major problems afflicting humanity. Social crisis, economic crisis, moral crisis, millions of people killed were some of its disastrous results. As early as February 1945, the Allies could have assured the collapse of Nazi Germany in the immediate future. His armies had been virtually waste, bombing had destroyed almost completely its war production, its railways were disorganized and aviation practically immobilized by the destruction of its oil reserves. In six weeks Hitler had lost more than a third of their forces in the west and the arming of men. For the first time, Hitler foresaw the end. "If the war is lost, told Speer, the nation must perish" and ordered the destruction of all military and industrial facilities. On May 9, 1945, the guns fell silent in Europe. Announced the end of 5 years, 8 months and 7 days of war. In this world, the United Nations Organization was born. The need arose in the world to find a way to come together to breathe a little peace or perhaps this latent desire needed an extreme crisis to arise. Anyway, the peoples of the United Nations began to unite in pursuit of a better world. And so the first of January 1942, representatives of 26 allied nations signed in Washington, DC A Declaration of the United Nations. This was the first step in the evolution of the United Nations Organization.

1. UNO´s objective:

The UNO objectives are based in maintain the peace and international security among all nations, based on respect of equal rights for all people. Solve international economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems. Encourage the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and harmonizing the actions of nations conducted.

1. Why are there countries that don’t belong to the UNO?

There are three countries out of the 196 countries of the world are not members of the United Nations: Kosovo, Taiwan, Vatican City: because they have not gained complete international recognition to allow them to become members of the United Nations.

1. Suggest 5 committees with accordance of an interaction area and justify the connection.

1. Council of Europe

Community and service

* How do we live in relation to others?

* How can I contribute to the community?

* How can I help others?

Well, I think that this area is the one which is more related to the committee because in this committee the minister’s discuses about European problems like economical crisis, the unemployment, etc. This means that they care about the community and try to find solutions and resolve problems.

1. European Union

Community and service

* How do we live in relation to others?

* How can I contribute to the community?

* How can I help others?

Like the committee “Council of Europe” I think that this area express what the delegates do in the debates. They talk about European and also worldwide problems and find a way to resolve it.

1. Security council


* Where do we live?

* What resources do we have or need?

* What are my responsibilities?

This interaction area is the one which is more related to “Security council” because the delegates can discus about the worldwide security. In the debates they find ways to improved this and resolve insecurity problems.

1. Counter terrorism

Human ingenuity

* Why and how do we create?

* What are the consequences?

In this committee the delegates discus about how to avoid terrorism and in some cases how stop it. The terrorism is a really big problem in worldwide even in the first world countries and the people in this committee really helps because they care and try to resolve it to have a best world.

1. General Assembly

Community and service

* How do we live in relation to others?

* How can I contribute to the community?

* How can I help others?

I think that this is the best and important committee. It is related to Community and service because not only discus a particular topics, in this committee the delegates talk about all the seriously problems in the whole world.

1. 5 international conflicts related with the interaction areas and justify the connection.

1. Unemployment in Europe:

Community and service: This is a problem that starts in Spain but really is affecting to the whole world, principally about the economical crisis in Europe.

1. Government budget cuts:

Community and service: An example is Chile, which support the government gave to the university student community has been cut in scholarships, affecting thousands of students.

1. Childhood Obesity:

Health and social education: Being obese has many health consequences, including diabetes, hypertension. These are diseases that are not curable. The government has implemented a change in schools in food sold to a culture of eating to children.

1. World Pollution:

Environments and Human Ingenuity: One example was the failure of nuclear plants because of a tsunami in Japan one year ago, update no one knows how far this can produce consequences


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