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sport in Ireland

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Sport in Ireland


Because these sports are practically played only in Ireland (there are only two teams from outside the country that play the hurling interprovincial one in London and another in New York), the sports for which Ireland is best known internationally Are rugby (he is a founding member of the tournament currently known as the Six Nations Tournament, winning several times) and football, with his own national championship, the Irish Football League.

In addition the Selection of soccer of Ireland has managed to classify itself in three occasions for the World-wide Glass of Soccer, obtaining its better result in 1990 where it was eliminated in quarters of end


In this section we tell you in detail everything you need to know about the Irish educational system:

Education in Ireland is compulsory from the age of six to fifteen, but there is an optional pre-primary stage for children between the ages of 3 and 6.

The Primary, the first step in regulated education, has a total duration of 6 years, so that the child ends this stage at 12 and starts, immediately after, the Secondary.

The most common subjects for the Leaving Certificate, which gives access to the following cycle are:

Mathematics (compulsory)

English (mandatory)

Irish (It is the original language of Ireland that was spoken hundreds of years ago and still today, it is still spoken in some rural areas. International students are not obliged to study this subject)

There is a wide selection of electives, such as:

Modern languages ​​(French, German, Italian, Spanish)

Physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, economics, music, computer science, accounting, art, technical drawing, engineering, etc.

The school year in Ireland lasts about 9 months, from September to June. It is divided into 3 quarters:

Autumn. September December

Spring. January - March / April

Summer. March / April - June

There are two annual school holiday periods, at Christmas and Easter, of approximately two weeks each. In the first and second quarters, there is also a midweek vacation week.

Access to higher education in Ireland is only possible after passing the examination of the Leaving Certificate or an international equivalent. Each institution decides on the granting of places to citizens of the European


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