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The Traininig with Weight

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Training with weight


The traininig with weight

The training with weight started in the old Greece, this form of training born by Hipocrates who was considered like one of the most important persons in the history of medicine, he was a medic in the old Greece at The Pericles’ Century and was who explained for first time the training with weight when he wrote “Who uses this develops, and who not use it it’s losing it time” an affirmation with which I’m personally in agreement. Starting there the training with weight saw the birth of great legends like the Milon of Crotonas who was a celebrate athlete which trained carrying up a young sheep over their back until it grew up following the principal of overload. Another very important person is the medic Galeno who explained the training of force using “Halteras” a kind of cufflinks.

The training with weight has been changing along the years the cufflinks join to the bars at the end of the 19 century where the bars had a kind of hollow globes at sides, this globes can be felled with sand or can be completely of plum but before to start the 20 century they were changed for the disk we have now. The use of machines of exercise began in the years 70’ with the famous “Nautilus” which represented all a change in the form of train but in general terms the training with weight and the body building get popularity in the 80’ with all a movement of persons influenced for movies like “Pumping Iron” and for the popularity of who would become in one of the greatest references in the world of body-building Arnold Schwarzenegger together to Lou Ferrigno and Franco Columbu.

It’s so interesting how this form of training has been changing since its start where originally was used for the bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, wrestling and the strongman until now where we have so information about it and it’s used for the most of sports to improve the capacities of players.

My personal opinion about this is that although the training with weight changed, if you watch competitions like Arnold Strongman Classic or the World Strongest Man you can see that it still save its essence, but I really think that the training with weight is more than that it’s all a growing culture of men and women that become today in a new generation of peoples healthier physically and mentally.


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