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  • Computer Science for High Schoolers

    Computer Science for High Schoolers

    there are more reasons that it is worth a student’s time to take a computer science class in high school. Instead of learning how to code to land a job at Google or Python, there is also a need for proper computer science teachers. How could our society push advocate

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  • Comunicative Competences

    Comunicative Competences

    Comunicative competences ========== Communicative competences? Linguistic competence? Pragmatic and ideological competence? Those are questions that people could not answer immediately even for people who are immersed in the field of TESOL. We think on a competent human being one who has a knowledge that allows to have an acceptable performance.

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  • Concelling


    related elements. Maggie described this with the iceberg principal - Conscious awareness (top) - Preconscious - Ego - Superego - Unconscious id (bottom) The Id is the part of our personality concerned with satisfying instinctual basic needs of food, comfort and pleasure. The Id is present from birth or

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  • Conductometric and Gravimetric Determination

    Conductometric and Gravimetric Determination

    0.301 g 0.220 g Molarity of H2SO4 0.5 Molarity H2SO4 : 0.5 M Graphs: Trial 2 Trial 1 Analysis: In order to calculate the mass of the barium sulfate, we subtracted the mass of filter paper from the filter paper with the precipitate on it. Then by looking at the

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  • Confidence Interval

    Confidence Interval

    1. Identify the sample mean, [pic 11]. While [pic 12] differs from [pic 13], population mean, they are still calculated the same way: [pic 14] . 2. Identify whether the standard deviation is known, [pic 15], or unknown, s. - If standard deviation is known then z* is used

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  • Conflict Perspective in Education

    Conflict Perspective in Education

    through an interview with a group of lively students with strong views stating, “I don’t go to physics class, because my lab has no equipment…. The typewriters in my typing class don’t work. The women’s toilets, I’ll be honest, I just don’t use the toilets, I come back into class

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  • Congestive Heart Failure: Take Home Exam Anp 201

    Congestive Heart Failure: Take Home Exam Anp 201

    6. Describe the mechanism of action of digoxin on the heart. Digoxin is an inotrope, a medication that increases the strength of heart contraction. How will the medication help cardiac output in this patient? When on digoxin, patients are contraindicated for any IV calcium treatment. Can you explain the

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  • Conservation Issues in the Republic of South Africa

    Conservation Issues in the Republic of South Africa

    those native populations1. Mallards and hybrids of mallards actively compete with indigenous birds for resources and mallard males have even been known to drown offspring of other species3. Of the three birds mentioned, I would say the mallard duck has the most direct and observable effect on biodiversity in South

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  • Consumer Adr

    Consumer Adr

    are needed to meet the requirement that all consumer disputes be covered, some responses call for larger existing providers with the necessary expertise to be extended to cover the gaps. The Government however remains firm on its position that further action is necessary to ensure full coverage of ADR: by

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  • Consumer Behavior Analysis

    Consumer Behavior Analysis

    Metode Pencapaian Tujuan Proses pembelajaran dilakukan dengan kombinasi aktivitas di dalam dan di luar kelas. - DI KELAS: - Kuliah wajib dihadiri oleh setiap peserta. - Presentasi dan diskusi kasus yang wajib dihadiri oleh setiap anggota kelompok presenter. - Kuis, ujian sisipan, dan ujian akhir. - DI LUAR KELAS:

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  • Consumer's Wtp Towards Environmental Friendly Goods

    Consumer's Wtp Towards Environmental Friendly Goods

    consumers making buying decisions, if he or she will consider environmental factors, are more likely to spend more money on environmentally friendly goods (Laroche et al., 2001) and more willing to change their lifestyle to be environmentally friendly (Rice, 1996). Some studies also suggested individuals behaviors are greatly affected by

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  • Contemporary Issues in the Global Business Environment Report

    Contemporary Issues in the Global Business Environment Report

    Shell Nigeria There are various challenges companies face when implementing corporate social responsibility like issues with transparency, lack of clear CSR guidelines and lack of community participation. Shell Nigeria operates in an environment where it is faced with issues that are context and area-specific. Shell moved to Nigeria in

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  • Contention one - Climate Change

    Contention one - Climate Change

    CONTENTION TWO: ECONOMY The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says, if a carbon tax on GHGs is placed $50 per metric ton of CO2 and with the annual emissions being 6.8 billion, the United States would collect $340 billion each year. This would raise a total of nearly $1.2

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  • Context of Modern Media and Clickbait News

    Context of Modern Media and Clickbait News

    the veil of "we’re doing the right thing; he’s a Nazi!" you just need a good, juicy headline and we’ll make some points that … it’ll get across to 98% of the people that aren’t going to fact check or dive deeper on it. Felix bring in the clicks outrage

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  • Contract Law

    Contract Law

    ‘The circumstances showing that an arrest was without reasonable or probable cause may be sufficient to establish malice.” In applying this principle, we can strongly bring forth the argument that the actions of the Don towards Kevin was wrong, improper and had no reasonable or probable cause, therefore malice

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  • Contraction of Cardiac Muscle Worksheet

    Contraction of Cardiac Muscle Worksheet

    [pic 13] Experiment 4: Effect of a Low Oxygen Environment [pic 14] Figure 5. The effect of a low oxygen environment on the force of contraction in toad cardiac muscle. (4A) How did the active tension at the end of the time in the ‘de-oxygenated’ solution compare with that

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  • Copper, H2o and Its Empirical Formula

    Copper, H2o and Its Empirical Formula

    g Mass of Dehydrated Sample (g) 0.71 g Mass of Water evolved (g) 0.31 g Mass of Empty Watch Glass (g) 37.03 g Mass of Watch Glass and Copper (g) 37.72 g Mass of Copper (g) 0.69 g Results This data had to be very precise in calculating mass because

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Nippon Paint (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has involved and organised several corporate service relationship project in several places. Nippon Paint (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd previously developed a notable corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme called “Colourful Dreams”, which aims to transform children homes across Malaysia. It was organized with the theme 'Create

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    relief, and to young people’s development in general. Meanwhile the differences were reflected in product safety, and to form partnership with the government in practicing CSR. Similarly, same method was used to measure the degree of industrial difference effects on CSR communication. First, the companies were divided into two categories:

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  • Corporate Sosial Responsibility

    Corporate Sosial Responsibility

    The main objective of doing this corporate social responsibility is to safe our planet. We can enhance and protect biodiversity and ecosystems. Other than that, by applying green building, we can improve air and water quality. Green building also can reduce water stream, conserve and restore natural resources. In

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  • Corruption and Education Inequalities in Bangladesh

    Corruption and Education Inequalities in Bangladesh

    Corruption also affects education, corruption is present between the students, the parents but also the administration by the payment of bribes and other extortions. Corruption seriously threatens the integrity and reliability of modes of certification of education, inducing scepticism about the validity of the results and the suspicion about

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  • Corruption in the New Orleans Police Department

    Corruption in the New Orleans Police Department

    Another type of corruption in the New Orleans Police Department is biased policing. The officers often discriminate against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (“LGBT”) community. Investigators were told by the LGBT that they are victims of harassment and targets for illegal stops, searches, and arrests. The members of

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  • Cosmology - Universe Paper

    Cosmology - Universe Paper

    the structure of our galaxy through the study of interstellar dust clouds in space. They studied the motions of stars and gas clouds, gradually uncovered the detailed structure of the galactic disk, showing us the locations and motions of the spiral arms ( Jeffery Bennet). Astronomers also discovered dark matter,

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  • Cost Accounting for Decision Making

    Cost Accounting for Decision Making

    Two broad categories of costs are never relevant in any decision and include: - Sunk costs. - Future costs that do not differ between the alternatives. How to Find relevant cost - Eliminate costs and benefits that do not differ between alternatives. - Use the remaining costs and benefits

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  • Cost of Capital

    Cost of Capital

    2.2 Steps that leaders can take to change negative perceptions about them The responses at to this question were mainly in relation to the negative perceptions of which the following response were given: - The leaders can create an environment where the followers can be heard and there must

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  • Cotton Plantation in India

    Cotton Plantation in India

    for child labour. Firstly, many of children who work as child labour cannot go to school and parents do not know the importance of schooling. Education provides children with skills and capabilities. It will lead to gainful employment which would contributes to national and local development in the future. It

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  • Counselling Refective Paper

    Counselling Refective Paper

    Moreover, I notice that my client disclosed a couple of issues in one sentences, I should help her to summarize the issues she have said and remember all of them. It can help me systematically to clarify her problem step by step. And I notice that I should not

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  • Counselors as Companions and Ethics in Human Services

    Counselors as Companions and Ethics in Human Services

    accustomed to or it be of a more miniscule way. I believe that this is just the way life is; a continuous cycle of learning and improving or honing in on our process of thinking. Due to the varying degrees of life situations and the caliber of people that I

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  • Covered Walkway Feasibility Study (filipino)

    Covered Walkway Feasibility Study (filipino)

    Nililimitahan ang pagsusuring ito sa mga pag-aaral ng Jose Maria College at ang tatlompung (30) mapiling respondents at hinati sa dalawa grupo: kabilang ang dalawanpung (20) mag-aaral at sampung (10) mga guru, magulang at iba pang dumadaan. - DEPINASYONG NG TERMINOLOHIYA Administrasyon – isang grupo ng mga tao na

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  • Creating a Cure for Child Neglect

    Creating a Cure for Child Neglect

    end parents from neglecting their child, and to end situations where a parent may be forced to neglect a child . by creating a programs that can provide the proper knowledge about general child development and overall child-rearing skills for parents and caregivers we can strive to end child neglect.

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