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Ielts Writing Task Model Essay - Is Technology More Important Than Better Life Quality in a Country

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most powerful instrument for reducing poverty and improving the quality of life in any country. It provides greater opportunity and freedom, which results in better satisfaction and improved overall happiness. A sound economy has much prosperity, more public services and transportation, better education and health, as well as reduced unemployment and poverty. Furthermore, there are certain intangible concepts like feelings and emotions, which a better life sustainable environment creates in us. It also helps us to maintain a positive attitude towards life. This undoubtedly brings cohesiveness to the society as it indicates a shared belonging. Additionally providing succor to this line of reasoning are the various research topics which shows a significant correlation between life quality and the psycho-social aspects of one’s life. There is also a whole catalogue of review studies which show the importance of feeling of well being in a society. Finally, a stable and sound economy challenges our canonical habits and demolishes our prejudices thereby taking our mind to a higher plane of thinking.

Having considered both sides, it seems ever so sensible to register my disagreement to the fact that technological process is more important than enhancing the quality of life. Inspite of the intricate tapestry of arguments delicately woven in favour of technology, it seems unconvincing to my psyche on a sub textual basis. It is also evident that while the downsides to the stated premises are tangible, profound and enormously consequential, the upsides are ephemeral, superficial and beyond a point cease to be palpable in the long run. Suffice it to say, improving life quality via economic development is much more beneficial to any country than technology.



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