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  • Biology


    27208664 - It is not possible to determine the concentration of a solution that has a higher y-value than the highest y-value of the standard curve. This is because the plotted data are found along a certain range which if from 0.00 to 0.45 of the line of best

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  • Biology - Digestive System

    Biology - Digestive System

    Atrium The upper chamber that receives deoxygenated blood from the body and pumps it into the right ventricle. Right Ventricle The chamber of the heart that pumps deoxygenated blood to the lungs. Pulmonary arteries Blood vessels that bring blood back to the heart. Pulmonary veins Blood vessels bring oxygenated blood

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  • Biology 111 Exam 1 Key

    Biology 111 Exam 1 Key

    In mice, coat color (agouti (i.e tan), black, or albino (white)) is controlled through recessive epistasis. The two independently assorting genes are: - D controls pigment color; D is agouti, d is black - A controls use of pigment; A allows pigment use, a blocks pigment use. Imagine two

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  • Biology 315 - Estuary Project Paper

    Biology 315 - Estuary Project Paper

    As the San Francisco bay area population continues to increase and applies pressure on natural ecosystems, future efforts involving the wetland restoration around the Delta and Bay will continue to face similar if not more major issues. These issues will involve developing more land, increased water use, greater pollution,

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  • Biology Assessment

    Biology Assessment

    2) The differences in urine concentration of terrestrial mammals, marine fish and fresh water fish: - Within terrestrial mammals, marine and freshwater fish the urine is composed of multiple constituents, including urea, chloride, sodium, potassium, creatine and other dissolved ions, organic compounds and inorganic compounds. All of the constituents

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  • Biology Course Work

    Biology Course Work

    - visually, limewater turns milky with carbon dioxide, so this was used to assure there was carbon dioxide present - when carbon dioxide is dissolved into water, the pH lowers - this means that carbon dioxide makes water more acidic 2.S.2 - perform a first-hand investigation using the light

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  • Biology Lab - Estimating Osmolarity by Change in Volume of Potato Tuber Tissue

    Biology Lab - Estimating Osmolarity by Change in Volume of Potato Tuber Tissue

    Graph 1: Final and Initial length and Diameter of Potato Cylinders at Different Osmolarities of Sucrose Solutions. [pic 1] Graph 2: The Effects of Different Sucrose Osmolarities on Potato Volume [pic 2] Graph 3: Change in Initial and Final Volume of Potato Cylinders at Different Sucrose Osmolarities [pic 3]

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  • Biology Report

    Biology Report

    Eutrophication results in noxious and foul smelling phytoplankton that reduce water clarity. Algal blooms limit light penetration into the water, reducing growth in plants that require the light underwater. High rates of photosynthesis caused by this eutrophication can decrease the inorganic carbon in the water and raise pH, which

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  • Biotechnology and Medicinal Biochemistry

    Biotechnology and Medicinal Biochemistry

    The prospects of CRISPR/Cas9 aren’t just to treat malaria or diseases. In theory, it can be used to reverse aging, increase the life span of animals. It can allow us to adapt to the atmosphere and environment in other planets such as Mars which is a very sought-after planet

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  • Birth Control : Should Teenage Girls Need Parental Consent

    Birth Control : Should Teenage Girls Need Parental Consent

    "Each year, almost 615,000 U.S. women aged 15-19 become pregnant," ( Also, taken into deep consideration of the society’s poor monetary wealth, some families can’t afford to provide their teenager with the right contraceptives. Some parents can’t pay the doctor’s bill to go put their daughter on birth control. This

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  • Black Holes in Our Universe

    Black Holes in Our Universe

    DETECTION AND OBSERVATION Scientists and astronomers cannot directly observe black holes with telescopes which recognize x-rays, light, or any other electromagnetic radiation. Nonetheless they can deduce the existence of black holes and study them by perceiving their influence on other nearby matter. For an instance, if a black hole

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  • Black Saturday Fires - Responses

    Black Saturday Fires - Responses, (2014). Bushfires in Victoria 7-8 Feb 2009. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Dec. 2014]. Bun, T. (2012). The path to resilience: More haste, less speed. Griffith Review, (35), 37. Cameron, P. A., Mitra, B., Fitzgerald, M., Scheinkestel, C. D., Stripp, A., Batey, C., ... & Cleland, H.

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  • Black Teens in America

    Black Teens in America

    day, it could lead to my downfall. Not through illness or a tragic accident, but by the hands of those who have sworn to protect and serve. I fear something I am constantly told to embraced. How can anyone embrace something that can so easily and quickly get their life

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  • Blakely's Red Gum

    Blakely's Red Gum

    2.2 In terms of leaf growth, does the canopy structure effect leaf shape? Within the canopy of a tree, both competition and cooperation occur. To obtain as much sunshine as possible, leaves maximize exposure to sunshine, meanwhile minimizing their own shadows for the sake of the plant as a

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  • Blaw 5050 Final Exam Answer Key

    Blaw 5050 Final Exam Answer Key

    [pic 32] out of 2 points QUESTION 9: MULTIPLE CHOICE - [pic 33] When is consideration NOT required for a contract under Article 2? Given Answer: [pic 34] b. When a contract for the sale of goods is modified. Correct Answer: [pic 35] b. When a contract for the

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  • Blue Zones - Diet Concept

    Blue Zones - Diet Concept

    to put down forks and spoons. Pick up chopsticks. This utensil is used by non-obese people mostly in a Chinese restaurant. Most people find it difficult to use chopsticks, but it does take more time than what u normally use. Wansink states that “You tend to eat more slowly”. Another

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  • Bms 1042 Notes

    Bms 1042 Notes

    – Ordinal (order of categories does matter) e.g. BMI (underweight, normal, overweight, obese) e.g. Pain severity (None, Mild, Moderate, Severe) • Numerical – Discrete (counts) e.g. Number of hospital admissions. – Continuous (measurements) e.g. Weight, Height, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc [pic 2] CATEGORICAL NUMERICAL -BMI Category is ordinal

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  • Bobcats


    It has been known to kill deer, especially in the winter months when smaller prey is scarce, or when deer population becomes more plentiful. One study of the everglades showed many kills (33 of 39) were fawns, but prey up to 8 times the bobcats weight could be successfully

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  • Bocon Summarry

    Bocon Summarry

    In the play Bocon many macro-level societal have an effect on the relationships in the play. In the play the government plays a huge role on how people live. The government is corrupt in San Juan de la Paz. People fear the soldiers. Above I told you how in

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  • Body Image, Anxiety and Emotional Eating

    Body Image, Anxiety and Emotional Eating

    Statistical analysis: Influence of childhood teasing on BMI, anxiety, emotional eating and body image were assessed using ANOVA’s. Pearson’s correlation coefficients were calculated and assessed for each relevant variable. Results: The descriptive statistics for the 5 variables analyzed as follows, BMI (M=34.30 SD=6.32), Anxiety (M=5.56, SD= 4.50), Child tease

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  • Body Ritual Among the Nacirema

    Body Ritual Among the Nacirema

    in the repression or domination of one group by another” (Tischler 2014, 52). It is with cultural relativism that a fairer outlook on cultures can come. This concept is defined to be “the recognition that social groups and cultures must be studied and understood on their own terms before valid

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  • Bordeaux Wine

    Bordeaux Wine

    after a long fight, Chateau Mouton Rothschild was given the first cru in a decree signed by Jacques Chirac, the then Minister of Agriculture. In Baron Philippe’s 1988 death, his wife, Baroness Philippine officially took ownership of the chateau shared with by her 3 children Camille, Philippe and Julien. Many

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  • Borohydride Reduction of Vanillin to Vanillyl Alcohol

    Borohydride Reduction of Vanillin to Vanillyl Alcohol

    would take a proton from NaBH4 and NaBH4 would decompose from interacting with the acid. The Vanillin was first added to NaOH and cooled below 15°C then slowly NaBH4 was added to the vanillin flask to avoid side reactions from occurring. The temperature constantly remained below 25°C to avoid side

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  • Botswana Essay

    Botswana Essay

    correlates with the belief of Kohli that colonialism played an important part in establishing an effective state. Another factor in the creation of a successful state, according to Kohli, is the contribution of the armed forces, as seen in the case of Nigeria, who was negatively impacted by the institution

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  • Bp Oil Spill

    Bp Oil Spill

    But what surprises scientists is that billions of oil-eating microbe helps in the breaking down the oil. Based on articles, it is said that the motive of using dispersants is to degrade the oil into smaller size so that it is easier for the consumption of the marine life

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  • Brady and Giglio Final Paper

    Brady and Giglio Final Paper

    We read about and heard a guest speaker discussing recent issues involving cellphone tracking devices and the collection of cell phone location information. There is dispute whether a person has a right to privacy in location information collected by mobile phone companies. See, e.g., United States v. Davis, 785

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  • Brave Goat

    Brave Goat

    tells Kulula Sangak to remain at home while she runs out rescue the other children. Buzak Chini first visited the fox, that denies any involvement. Then she rushes to the wolf’s house, where a party was underway. Someone was knocking on the door, and then dust from the roof started

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  • Breaking the Sound Barrier: A Look into Deaf Communication

    Breaking the Sound Barrier: A Look into Deaf Communication

    beforehand. This will allow her to give the interpreter relevant information about her presentation that could ensure her message is being received. Eye contact is an important non-verbal method of communication for both Deaf and hearing people. Facial expressions change the meaning of a sign, even with the same hand

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  • Breast Cancer Essay

    Breast Cancer Essay

    which are inside of every human cell. In fact, there are thousands of mitochondria in a cell. A large percent of breast cancers originate in the mammary ducts of the breasts. A small amount starts in the lobules. By the time a lump can be felt and discovered, the cells

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  • Breast Cancer in the Modern World

    Breast Cancer in the Modern World

    In my opinion, the most successful way for raising breast cancer awareness would be to target the students. If the youth are familiarized with awareness campaigns at an early stage, they will take precaution to avoid it. At their ripe age, bubbling with enthusiasm, they will spread the message

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