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Blue Zones - Diet Concept

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to put down forks and spoons. Pick up chopsticks. This utensil is used by non-obese people mostly in a Chinese restaurant. Most people find it difficult to use chopsticks, but it does take more time than what u normally use. Wansink states that “You tend to eat more slowly”. Another Dr. also tells us that “Using chopsticks forces you to slow down, eat deliberately, and take smaller mouthfuls of food” (Dr. Mehmet Oz) Supposedly by doing this your giving your resting and at the same time giving your stomach some time send signals to your brain. Step two is using smaller plates. Using smaller plates reduces your food intake but some people don’t believe so. For example, there was a study that tried to prove and/or disapprove the smaller plate-smaller waist theory. It was based on the size of plate you use, type of food, and the portion. They realized that people who had the smaller size plate consumed less but the factor is they had to serve themselves. The subjects didn’t know they were being monitored, but based on other studies when the subjects were aware of being monitored the size of the plate that was given to them didn’t change how much they intake. The last step is to disregard the short stubby glass and use the champagne glasses. By using the champagne glasses your ditching drinking in-between meals. When you drink in-between meals your saliva dilutes, but water helps. Anything like alcohol, or acidic will have a bad effect on your saliva glands.

Buettner alert’s that in the event that you experience the normal U.S way of life, with an eating regimen high in prepared sustenances and a timetable pressed with duties that leaves little time for practicing or unwinding, you may never achieve your potential greatest life expectancy and could shorten your life by as much as 10 years. Wondering how to duplicate the lifestyles of blue zone areas , emphasize fruits and vegetables, eat a variety of Whole Foods that supply protein and healthy fats and only eat high quality animal products .


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