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Fundamental Concepts of Chemistry Affects Biology

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Part II: Applying Science to Everyday Life

Recently, Earl attended a picnic at his daughter’s school. The picnic was a potluck, and the food was served outdoors. Contributions included hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, potato chips, potato salad, coleslaw, apple pie, and vanilla ice cream. Within 24 hours of the picnic, several attendees developed symptoms of food poisoning. Of the 50 people who attended the picnic, only 30 people became ill. Every person at the picnic ate something, but not every person had an opportunity to sample each item. Earl noticed that the potato salad he started to eat was warm. He also noticed that his hamburger was somewhat pink in the middle and not fully cooked. Earl wonders if eating the hamburgers or the potato salad could be responsible for making some attendees ill. Earl has begun to apply the scientific method to this common problem. Complete each of the following tasks in 200 to 300 words.

- How would the scientific method help Earl create an experiment to determine which food sources made people sick?

Earl would have to identify who served what item on the plates of all the people . then once he figured out which of the thirty individuals were sick with their plate and what they had served themselves. a good thing to do at that time would be to see which plates had common food combinations. At that time he should inquire at what position they were when they processed through the line to eat and chart the time. Then once he has the time and plate combinations look back to the individuals that claimed ill for any matches. If there is still question he should start over again with another breaking down of the plates time and also add in ages of individual with other applying demographics.

- Describe the steps of the scientific method Earl utilized.

Ask the question of who ,when ,how ,with what ,in combination with ,at what time . Then he would do background to check his own food with proper storage and serving along the code of his food handlers course he certified in six months earlier by the skin of his teeth and with the help of $30 assistance of He put together a plan of separating plates of food combinations that were in common first then tested that Hypothesis finding out he was wrong with that he went back to the drawing board and added times people served certain combinations with their ages and back and forth he went adding and taking one demographic away finding out that the ill were all the people that had a subway snack before they came to the picnic . It wasn’t poor old Earl's fault after all , so he took it as a lesson to actually go back and learn the proper protocol for food at the course without the help of .

- Describe the remaining steps Earl will use if he decides to use the scientific method to determine what made the people sick.


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