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  • Artemia Reaction to Different Light Sources

    Artemia Reaction to Different Light Sources

    Discussion: The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effect of different light intensity on Artemia. There was significantly more Artemia found in the tubes with no light (0.00) than the tubes that had any light, this is especially true when dark light and intense light are compared

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  • Article Review - Police Use of Force by Mark Curtis Wittie

    Article Review - Police Use of Force by Mark Curtis Wittie

    Another topic that Wittie failed to talk about was the use of excessive force. He only talks about how police departments should have good policies and procedures that are clear and concise so that it makes it hard for officers to break any rules. He never touched on excessive

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  • Article Review - the Ownership of Assets by Place-Based Community Organizations

    Article Review - the Ownership of Assets by Place-Based Community Organizations

    Moore and McKee’s arguments are interesting and challenging. They manage to draw on several research in the field of localism along with policy trends to support their claim for further research and a critical understanding of the concept of community asset organizations as it relates to the other overlapping

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  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research 3 --------------------------------------------------------------- November 14, 2016 Profiles in Innovation We profile the ecosystem of public and private companies enabling the AI revolution on pp. 83 to 89. --------------------------------------------------------------- reduces the need for labor input into high value added types of production. Those cost saving innovations

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  • Artificial Intelligence: Near Future or Fantasy Nightmare

    Artificial Intelligence: Near Future or Fantasy Nightmare

    of thought, with the translation of notions into words being the act of understanding" (Atkinson). Sometimes to increase the understanding of words, the speaker must either increase the amount or substance of the words or greatly shorten the words to get the actual point across to the receiver. A simple

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  • Asda - Marketing Ethics - Case Study

    Asda - Marketing Ethics - Case Study

    choosing these contracts do have alternatives, and the UK unemployment rate is low by global standards. Some, like students, would choose the flexibility that these contracts offer. However the other argument is that it means some adults with dependents are on contracts with very low legal protection, and where they

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  • Aspects of the Asian American Experience

    Aspects of the Asian American Experience

    statistics and demographic comparisons suggest a few general patterns. First, it is clear that East and Indian Asians outperform all other Asian ethnic groups in most measures of socioeconomic achievement. Second, traditionally disadvantaged groups of color such as Blacks, Native Americans, and Latinos still seem to lag behind in several

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  • Aspirin Synthesis

    Aspirin Synthesis

    Molar mass of salicylic acid 138.1200 g/mole Molar mass of acetic anhydride 102.0900 g/mole Density of acetic anhydride 1.0800 g/mole Molar mass of aspirin 180.0000 g/mole Molar mass of acetic acid 60.0000 g/mole Number of moles of salicylic acid = [pic 5] = 0.0145 mole Mass of acetic anhydride

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  • Assess the Economic and Political Implications of Wto Accession

    Assess the Economic and Political Implications of Wto Accession

    However, it is notable that the invitation of foreign competition has had a negative impact in some industries. Although China eliminated export subsidies in agriculture and reduced tariffs, it is argued that WTO membership has been detrimental to agriculture. Notably relatively high tariffs are used to protect poor farmers,

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  • Assessing Electronic Brainstorming Effectiveness in an Industrial Setting

    Assessing Electronic Brainstorming Effectiveness in an Industrial Setting

    The authors were interested in comparing the effectiveness of individual versus group electronic brainstorming via an experiment. Employees and contractors at a national laboratory participated in an electronic brainstorm to pose solutions to a real-world problem; some of the participants were working in a group while others had to

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  • Asset Allocation Report

    Asset Allocation Report

    Part Ⅲ.FIXED INCOME ALLOCATION Investments within the fixed income category generally have lower volatility than stocks. The Investment Policy Statement requires a minimum percentage invested in US government debt to reduce overall portfolio risks. Investments in corporate bonds are affected by credit risks, interest risks, and market risks. International

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  • Assignment Marketing Analysis

    Assignment Marketing Analysis

    movie.con = rbind(con1,con2,con3,con4,con5,con6,con7,con8) movie.dir = c("=",">=",">=") movie.rhs = c(1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1) movie.sol = lp("max",movie_obj,movie.con,movie.dir,movie.rhs,all.bin=TRUE) movie.sol movie.sol$solution The results shown in R is as follows: - movie.sol$solution - [1] 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 Demand (Given) 160 160 80 Movie/Screen Doctor Strange

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  • Astronomy - Tale of the Comet

    Astronomy - Tale of the Comet

    Comets can eject particles that are between the size of a grain of sand and the size of a pebble (Bennett). These particles that get ejected form an invisible tail because they are too big to be affected by solar wind or sunlight. This means that they remain on

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  • Audi's Super Bowl Commercial

    Audi's Super Bowl Commercial

    Prager, throughout his article, is pretty consistent with ethos, pathos, and logos, but what really catches most of the audience that reads his article, is his style. He uses effective words for this type of discussion about women rights, for example, there are many other articles that talk about

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  • Australia Economics

    Australia Economics

    The Australian economy has, for a long time, been firmly in place, including a highly educated workforce, a strong population growth rate and a strong institutional framework: the provisions of the law; regulatory validity and effective surveillance of parts of the economy include ensuring the soundness of the financial

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  • Availment and Satisfaction of Health and Social Welfare Services of the Households in Barangay Concepcion Grande, Naga City, 2015

    Availment and Satisfaction of Health and Social Welfare Services of the Households in Barangay Concepcion Grande, Naga City, 2015

    Barangay Concepcion Grande is one of the Barangays in Naga City, Camarines Sur. It is an Urban Area with a population of 2,184 (2011-2013). It is subdivided into seven (7) zones. The committee on Health and Social Welfare assists the people in health and other social welfare services. It

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  • Avoiding Contraception and Sexual Education in America’s Schools

    Avoiding Contraception and Sexual Education in America’s Schools

    One argument from the opponents of contraception education that stems from providing contraception devices and birth control education to teenagers in schools is these programs encourage to be sexually active. Research shows that providing information about sex and birth control methods does not increase the rates at which teenagers

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  • Baby Paper

    Baby Paper

    dollars Total 3683 dollar 13,630 dollars *only buy once Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or otherwise known as “crib death” is the sudden and unexplained death of an infant who is less than one year old. The leading cause of death of infants between the ages of 1 month to

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  • Babysitter X Daycare Center

    Babysitter X Daycare Center

    Composition ========== Babysitter X Daycare Center The choice between babysitter and daycare center depends on the family’s needs because both of them have benefits. If you want an individual attention and can pay more, the best choice is a babysitter, but then if you can’t spend a lot money and

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  • Bacterial Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    Bacterial Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    three different stages: primary, secondary and tertiary. The first two stages are extremely contagious. During the primary stage, a small painless sore may appear ten to ninety days after first coming into contact with the infection. It will evolve into the second stage of syphilis, if it is not treated.

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  • Baggage reconciliation systems

    Baggage reconciliation systems

    Baggage Reconciliation Systems (BRS)  Background:  According to the rules of most air transportation authorities, such as  the  U.S.  Federal  Aviation  Administration  and  the  European  Union's  Joint  Aviation  Authorities,  in  the  event  that  a  passenger  flying  internationally with checked‐in baggage fails to arrive at the departure  gate before the flight is closed, that person's baggage must be retrieved  from the aircraft hold before the flight is permitted to take off. Making  sure passengers board flights onto which they have checked baggage is  called  "passenger‐baggage  reconciliation"  and  is  accomplished  automatically  through  various  commercially  available  systems.  The  security presumption of passenger‐baggage reconciliation is that the  majority of bombers will not want to kill themselves, and will not board  an aircraft if they have caused a bomb to be placed in its hold.  Furthermore any bag that is destined to be loaded onto a particular  flight must first be scanned and checked before loading to ensure that  there is record of that bag being checked‐in at the check‐in counter. If  no record is found the bag will be prevented from being put into a  loading  container  before 

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  • Banarsi Paan

    Banarsi Paan

    engagement. For example, a Banarasi paan challenge can be organized, where employees would be invited to eat unlimited number of paans. The only condition is to spit in pre-arranged dustbins. The whole episode would be popularized with the help of Facebook live, YouTube, loads of pictures on social media, organization

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  • Bangladesh - Giving up Harmful Practices

    Bangladesh - Giving up Harmful Practices

    Recently, Bangladesh (a small country in South Asia) to which previously was taking actions in order to prevent child marriage and teenage pregnancy, has passed a law in order to make it easier for girls under the age of 18 to marry. This, as expected has been a highly controversial

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  • Bank Simpanan Nasional

    Bank Simpanan Nasional

    - PROBLEM STATEMENTS Nowadays the employees cannot perform very well due to conflict with the managers or the other subordinate. This is because conflict in an organization may reduce the quality of performance and employee commitment (Berita Harian, 2011). This problem will reduce job satisfaction and business functioning of

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  • Banning Cell Phone Use While Driving

    Banning Cell Phone Use While Driving

    is text messaging while driving. Jason Webb showed (2007) a poll in 2007 showed that 9 out of 10 Americans believed that text messaging while driving was dangerous and distracting. This is a great feature, but unfortunately there is no easy way to do it while driving to where a

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  • Barangay of Gulod

    Barangay of Gulod

    one of the main problem that our community is facing is waste disposal in the streets. I discuss him the goal that i want to be implemented in our community. This goal is putting garbage cans near the street vendors contrary near to the street vendors as they are the

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  • Barbara Ransby - the Blacklivesmatter Movement

    Barbara Ransby - the Blacklivesmatter Movement

    movements taking place today. But the Civil Rights Movement should not be the only one accredited for creating such a foundation. Different movements had different objectives but many of their goals to achieve those objectives overlapped. To name a few, there was the goal of reducing discrimination, expanding welfare, securing

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  • Barriers to Communication

    Barriers to Communication

    Semantic barrier is another communication interference. Semantics is the science of meaning, as contrasted with phonetics the science of sounds. Nearly all communication is symbolic that is, it is achieved using symbols such as words, pictures of actions. These symbols are merely a map that describes a territory, but

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  • Basmati Rice Case Study

    Basmati Rice Case Study

    - Critical Analysis: the TRIPS agreement hampers protection of traditional knowledge, something that is an integral part of the agricultural patents, the more popular form of protection, which are arguably unsuitable for protection of traditional knowledge, economies of many countries. The focus of developing countries has largely been as

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  • Baton Rouge

    Baton Rouge

    seems to revolve around the concept of an anthropocentric ideology. Vulgar sustainability leans more towards the side that doesn’t think we should necessarily preserve our resources, but rather use them all we want. The advantages of each are quite apparent, virtuous sustainability seems to offer a type of sustainability that

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