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Babysitter X Daycare Center

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Babysitter X Daycare Center

The choice between babysitter and daycare center depends on the family’s needs because both of them have benefits. If you want an individual attention and can pay more, the best choice is a babysitter, but then if you can’t spend a lot money and want your child to interact with other children daycare center can be your choice.

The advantages of daycares center is that it has a fully trained staff and a structured setting, it is cheaper than a full-time babysitter, bring your child the opportunity to meet and interact with other children, it offers extra activities such as swimming, dancing, gardening, art class among others. The disadvantages of daycare center are that your child won’t receive as much individual attention and may get sick more often, your child may have difficult adapting, the schedule is fixed so you may still need a babysitter when you have something on the weekend. Also, you need to transport your child around town before and after work or hire a driver that is expensive.

The advantages of babysitter is that your child will be the sole focus, you can make the schedule as needed, the care can be provided in your home where your child is familiar with the surroundings, you don’t need to transport your child around town before and after work. The disadvantages of babysitter are that you will need to check and verify if the babysitter is working properly, your babysitter has little oversight, it is more expensive than a daycare center. Also, it is hard to find someone reliable and your babysitter may quit at any time.

After choosing the best option for you family, if you chose a daycare center you need to visit and check if it is all as offered. If things look good, arrange for your child to spend a day at the daycare center to try without commit. However, if you choice was hiring a babysitter, make sure you know what you are getting before you choose a babysitter, check the references. Try before you hire a babysitter, this gives you a chance to see how your child responds to the babysitter and will help you feel confident when you do hire her.


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