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The Importance of Preserving and Promoting the Culture in a Modern World

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The third reason is because culture lose can fade the beliefs and the faith of the society. And that mainly can effect to the daily life of the people because people do what the religion says and teaches. Moreover, people regard religion as a respectful thing for their life and they strictly obey it. It has a great influence to all the human being from different societies of the world. So, imagine what will happen if they lose their religion? Without religion people who live in a particular place would almost certainly live in different type of society. The fact is all of the laws that they follow today have their basis in religious teachings. Today, the impact of culture lose in Myanmar is destroying not only the beliefs of the people but also the living style of the society. Children do not know their religion at all. Their parents do not tell them either. So many young people are becoming less and less religious and less and less appreciate culture. They become more interest in the material things. Indeed, Japanese author said “The material objects are just a secondary thing and mental and spiritual things are far more important” (Akiko 2003). Besides, most of the young people have no idea that they have the customs of bowing or helping to the elders. They are no longer interested in their traditional or religion festivals and they become more enjoy in going parties and other activities come from the foreign countries. With the influence of Korean fashion, many young people, especially girls are become trendy in wearing clothes and the traditional costumes are merely seen in the occasional days or events. Many celebrities are also important while preserving the culture because they are the people who have great influence to young people so the way they talk and the way wear should be very careful.

Last but not least culture lose can also damage the historical sites. Although Myanmar is regarded as one of the richest historical and ancient cites in South East Asia, these sites are now facing the problem of sacrificing their cultural heritage because of the huge development of the Tourism. Nowadays, many of Myanmar historical heritage are at the risk to be losing their cultural heritage by the greedy businessmen. The mass impacts of Tourism which make many foreign visitors enter to those places, also taking place as a consequence. What an author Martin Aspillaga said is so true. He said, “Burma was a fascinating piece of old Asia, a land where the men still wear the Longyi a sort of skirt woven locally; where even women smoke the Cheroot strong green cigars rolled by hand, and not Marlboros; a land where Buddhism is still a living faith and the beautiful old pagodas are still places of living worship, not museums for tourists to stroll around.” (Aspillaga 2013). Like Francis X. Hezel said “Cultures can be extinct just like the various species of plant and animal life (Hezel), if we do not preserve, the ancient historical sites will be destroyed.

In conclusion, preserving the culture is a very important thing for all human being living in the world. People must protect and promote their own culture by themselves, unless nobody will come and help for them. Culture has a great influence and plays the most crucial role for a society, so if people are forgotten their cultures and traditions, the whole community will be lost. Additionally, they must be clearly understood about the meaning of modernization and have great knowledge of balancing between modernization and their culture is really important. So to be concluded, it is the time to protect and preserve the uniqueness of Myanmar culture and it is the responsibility of all citizens.


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