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West Indies Yacht Club Resort

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Though all the US expatriated are experienced in specific field, but they seem lack of managerial skills and not familiar with local culture. After conversations with some managers, we founded most of the managers would only stay in the resort for a short period of time. Over half of the managers felt overwhelmed when managing the local staffs, because their working patterns and goals are different. Some of the new managers reflected that they only had a little understanding of Caribbean culture. In the observation confirmed that they hope to know more about local culture and learn more efficient managing methods.

After some conversation with gusts, we heard complaints, one of them reflected not enough bar tender in the bar for help, she could only serve the drink herself, some compliant the room services are poor and slow. When we asked the staff, we found they were not confident to handle requests from guests or sometimes could finish their job only if they get step-by-step instructions. 70% of BVI staffs wanted clearer work instruction, the data confirmed they want more systematic training for handling their job.

Over 65% local staffs preferred grounded managers, however, most of the current managers stay in the resort for a short time or some only come in the peak season, staffs feel distant. A couple of managers reflected that they did not have any local friends and felt lonely sometimes. Both of them wanted more activities or connection to help them understand each other. They thought more communication and interactions may decrease the gap between them.


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