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  • Consumer Behaviour - Internet of Sharing Things - Thailand

    Consumer Behaviour - Internet of Sharing Things - Thailand

    Shortly, Thai people are open in accepting new trends; yet adoring traditional values and beliefs in social hierarchy and personal relationships with self-reliance and ties to families and their social groups with strong ego orientation. New changes in individualistic behaviors are captured in new generations. Description of emerging trend

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  • Consumer Industry of Birds (filipino)

    Consumer Industry of Birds (filipino)

    At hinanap nila ang kanilang mga kapwa babaeng Tutubi ngunit isa lamang ang kanilang nakita. Ito ay sugatan at mukhang mawawalan na ng buhay, ngunit nasabi pa nito kung sino ang gumawa nito sakanya. Babaeng Tutubi: “Si MALAKING Salagubang, siya ang may gawa nito, tila siya ay naghihiganti sa

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  • Contact and Awareness in Gestalt Therapy Theory

    Contact and Awareness in Gestalt Therapy Theory

    Cycle of Contact Awareness always resides in the here and now and it is always accompanied by gestalt formation (Perls, Hefferline and Goodman, 1951). A gestalt is a meaningful whole. In order to make sense of our internal and external worlds, our perceptions are organised into gestalts. When a

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  • Contemporary Issue Categories Medical Ethics

    Contemporary Issue Categories Medical Ethics

    Ethical System Identified For the argument of arguing abortion to be illegalized since it is stealing someone’s right to live, the writer uses inherent virtue. Without regarding the social and economic burden the woman will face, the write evaluates abortion negatively. The writer mentions that abortion should not be

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  • Continuity of Consciousness

    Continuity of Consciousness

    Meredith Michaels raises two different thought experiments in objection to Locke’s assertion that the body is not a key marker of personal identity. The ‘Schwanda dilemma’, wherein a person named Wanda’s brain is transplanted into the body of her friend, and neither set of parents wants to claim the

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  • Contributors to Psychology

    Contributors to Psychology

    between physiology and psychology at Harvard University in 1875 c. Tended to be suggested by Americans to be the ‘founding father’ of psychology d. Advocated Functionalism i. Argued that the workings of the mind are function (to survive and adapt) ii. Should investigate what behavior and thoughts are for iii.

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  • Cooperative Language Learning

    Cooperative Language Learning

    Cooperative language learning: Cooperative language learning is focused on the idea that teaching should make maximum use of cooperative activities and interactions. Fighting against older ideas that teaching should be teacher-fronted and that strong and weak students should be educated separately, cooperative language learning maintains that in cooperative group work

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  • Correlation: Point Biserial Model

    Correlation: Point Biserial Model

    [1] -- Saturday, February 02, 2019 -- 14:46:34 t tests - Correlation: Point biserial model Analysis: A priori: Compute required sample size Input: Tail(s) = One Effect size |ρ| = 0.5 α err prob = 0.05 Power (1-β err prob) = 0.8 Output: Noncentrality parameter δ = 2.6457513 Critical t

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  • Correntes Filosofia Direito

    Correntes Filosofia Direito

    A ideia chave do positivismo é a separação entre o direito e qualquer tipo de valoração (nada disso é relevante para o direito). Perspectivas sociológicas: também fazem essa separação. Já não separam, contudo, o contexto social. Fazem até derivar o direito da própria sociedade; o direito são os factos

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  • Cosmological Argument

    Cosmological Argument

    Robert Koons, a professor at the University of Texas, discussed where we fault in our belief in God. It is a natural illusion of reason with two stages. The first stage is in thinking about the world. When we do, we always end up beginning with a model idea

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  • Counseling Children Under Ten

    Counseling Children Under Ten

    The duty to warn is an exception to the client-counselor confidentiality laws. The counselors do not need the consent of their clients to reveal the information to the people that will be affected. However, counselors have to be very careful in differentiating the credibility of the threats from their

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  • Counseling in the Criminal Justice System

    Counseling in the Criminal Justice System

    The effectiveness of CBT was tested in a study done by Thomas Feucht (2106). He found that programs with certain topic areas were more successful than others. Corrections and re-entry, crime and crime prevention, and victims and victimization have larger numbers – higher proportions – of “Effective” or “Promising”

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  • Counseling Specializations and Multidisciplinary Teams

    Counseling Specializations and Multidisciplinary Teams

    Collaboration between Specializations Most issues that a child experiences at home are reflected in their behaviors in school. This is why family therapy in addition with school counseling is the moist appropriate forms of treatment (Whiteside, 1993). MFT and school counseling together can be combative in effectively treating behavior

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  • Counseling Specializations and Multidisciplinary Teams

    Counseling Specializations and Multidisciplinary Teams

    Collaboration between Specializations Ashley is a 12-year-old girl who is experiencing depression, and low school performance because her mother has remarried and she’s having a difficult time adjusting to life with her stepfather and his two children. Ashley shares the information with her teacher. The teacher can refer Ashley

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  • Counseling Specializations and Multidisciplinary Teams

    Counseling Specializations and Multidisciplinary Teams

    Team Member Collaboration and Communication When combining services, it is important that both agencies abide by Evidence-Based practices. Integrating mental health services with addictions can increase positive client outcomes. Often referred to as a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder, these are not a diagnosis in the DSM-5 and are

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  • Counselor Ethical Boundaries and Practices - Pcn 505

    Counselor Ethical Boundaries and Practices - Pcn 505

    Collaborating with others as part of a multidisciplinary team is often a necessary part of the care continuum. May times in practice clients will have a variety of issues including addiction, mental health disorders, and other social disorders. A given counselor may only be proficient in addiction counseling, while

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  • Creation of Titan Gods

    Creation of Titan Gods

    Zeus and his Olympians waged a war called the Titanomachy against the Titans to overthrow their rule. Zeus won the battle along with his allies: The Titans Prometheus, Epimetheus, the Cyclopes, and the Hecatoncheires. Zeus then exiled the Titans that fought against him. Later, Prometheus was given the task

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  • Creation Stories in Genesis 1 and 2 and Enuma Elish

    Creation Stories in Genesis 1 and 2 and Enuma Elish

    In conclusion, the two chapters of the Genesis to have the same general idea and the same story of the creation of the world. However, there are differences in the text to consider, like the way Adam was created, both texts offer a different version and this causes confusions

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  • Creative Chaos

    Creative Chaos

    Dr. Richard A. Friedman’s account of a patient, named “Sheryl,” is a perfect example of this problem. Sheryl, a professional photographer, came to Dr. Friedman after witnessing the change in her boyfriend when he took antidepressant medication. She had been depressed for most of her 36 years and besides

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  • Creeds and Cults

    Creeds and Cults

    touch with everyone outside of the group. The followers had to give the church most of the money that they earned. Davis said that as a child he saw the group members use the world of god to exploit the people (Davis 3). This shows the true agenda of cults.

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  • Crisis Management Paper

    Crisis Management Paper

    Family counseling is also vital in the treatment of Sean. Since much of Sean’s drinking stemmed from Sean’s father this student believes that family therapy would help Sean and his family heal. Being that Sean childhood life with his family was based on Christian principles this student would ask

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  • Critical Analysis of Crime and Media

    Critical Analysis of Crime and Media

    Evidence: Relevant sources and examples utilized by the author The author believes that crime is a broader national problem and the expanded rate of fear of crime. The authors provide the outcome of a national survey; the 1994 Gallup Poll and a local survey of 2300 individuals of Philadelphia

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  • Critical and Creative Thinking in Society

    Critical and Creative Thinking in Society

    Perception vs. Reality in Advertising Perception versus reality in advertising is clearly evident in almost all marketing campaigns. The Dos Equis campaign is a prime example. The beer ads portray an elderly gentleman who doesn’t “always drink beer. But, when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. Stay thirsty, my

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  • Critical Evaluation of School-Based Eating Disorder Prevention Programs

    Critical Evaluation of School-Based Eating Disorder Prevention Programs

    It is widely agreed upon that it is easier to prevent eating-disorders rather than treat them. In order to be most effective, prevention programs have therefore been naturally influenced by those perspectives with strong prevention components (Romano, 2015). Examples of some of the theories that prevention science is based

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  • Critical Psychology

    Critical Psychology

    Societal inequality and power imbalances include the argument of feminist precedent, where the lived experiences of women are overlooked and also ignored. Society is viewed as that belonging to a dominant white male, not including the female in any way especially in relation to work or professional careers. The

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  • Critique of Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Fourth Edition

    Critique of Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Fourth Edition

    The WAIS-IV standardization sample was aligned to the estimated demographic make-up of the United States based upon projections from the US Census (Benson, et al., 2010). As a Canadian normative score sample was also generated, Harrison et al. compared it with the American one using a sample of 432

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  • Cross-Cultural Differences in Self-Concept

    Cross-Cultural Differences in Self-Concept

    Many other studies discovered similar outcomes as the above mentioned empirical evidence. For example, Bochner (1994) compared participants from Malaysia with participants from Australia. He used the Twenty Statements Test to question and compare self-perception statements from Malaysian and Australian participants. The participant’s answers were grouped depending on if

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  • Cultural Relativism

    Cultural Relativism

    There are no doubts that different cultures have exhibited differences, often radical differences in their ethical and moral standards on marrying, sex, punishments, rights, and life and death matters. This existence of different cultural norms with different ideologies about certain aspects of life makes cultural relativism relatively flawed and

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  • Cultural Taboos

    Cultural Taboos

    Around the World, 2013. In the Philippines, a curled up finger is looked at as a gesture so low, it’s only used for dogs. Now that you have been fascinate by some taboo gestures, I will inform you over my last category of taboos which is rituals that are still

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  • Culture and Religion Essay

    Culture and Religion Essay

    The African American people suffered for hundreds of years and were looked down upon as second hand citizens even after they were free after the civil war. I believe this is the source of prejudice and evilly evolved into to modern times. White slave owners felt animosity towards this

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