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Critical Analysis of Crime and Media

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Evidence: Relevant sources and examples utilized by the author

The author believes that crime is a broader national problem and the expanded rate of fear of crime. The authors provide the outcome of a national survey; the 1994 Gallup Poll and a local survey of 2300 individuals of Philadelphia as evidence to support the foundation of their research. The basic element of the authors’ argument is that by viewing television presentations promotes the fear of and concern about crime. Moreover, to back up this argument, the author’s cite other authors and studies (Romer, 2003. P. 92)

Evaluation: the strengths and weaknesses of the article

It is clear that the fear of crime is present and a national problem. It is widespread in the society as the author’s claim. The author’s convince the audience that the television presentations is accountable for the higher rate of fear that the population feel toward the issue of violent crime, the opportunity of the population becoming a victim of crime is higher. However, the weakness of the article is that is does not prove that the cultivation theory is a broader-spread national challenge. Evidently, the authors’ are permitted to present their opinions and the mechanism to back-up their argument and test their hypothesis, but the article does not provide an opportunity for an open debate on the central themes with all the important information to either approve or disprove their arguments. The argument presented is as if it has been proven true and the authors are not providing an opportunity to accept their claims, but forcing the reader to accept their arguments as true. The article would be more relevant if more study on the argument is performed. Moreover, considering the central theme, the article takes one side only. Likewise, the three case studies given in the article do not give variables of the studies.


Considering the arguments presented by the authors in the article; “Television News and the Cultivation of Fear of Crime”, the fundamental of giving any suggestions or argument is through probing questions about the logic behind the arguments. This paper has successfully proved that the high rate of fear of crime is as a result of an increase in television presentations of violent materials. Moreover, the paper has presented the type of knowledge required to back-up the arguments of the authors. It has also raised the concern of cultivation theory in connection to crime and media.


Romer D, Jamieson.K & Aday. S.2003, Television, News and the Cultivation of Fear of Crime, Journal of Communication. 53.1.88-104


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