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  • A Cultural Will for My Generation (spanish)

    A Cultural Will for My Generation (spanish)

    y los niveles de contaminación están aumentando. Hemos propuesto actos de control climático para prevenir la devastación de nuestro planeta y nuestros movimientos para salvar y amar a nuestro hogar deben ser honrados y dejados en nuestro legado. Pero a menos que nosotros y las generaciones siguientes hagamos cambios en

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  • A Game of Pinoy Henyo

    A Game of Pinoy Henyo

    necessarily distributed among all the members of a concept. Simply put, in the game of Pinoy Henyo, the extension is the term being described by the intensions – the unknown word. The intensions are those that are used to distinguish the extension to make it easier to narrow down on

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  • A Human Resource Approach to Cross-Cultural Management

    A Human Resource Approach to Cross-Cultural Management

    Organisational Culture Organisational culture represents values, norms and attitudes of organisational members and how achievements are made. Organisational culture is defined by Drennan (1992) as how things are done around here, which implies having a clear understanding of the organization as a whole. Organizational culture is influenced by belief,

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  • A Patient’s Right & a Physician’s Sworn Commitment: The Ultimate Balancing Act

    A Patient’s Right & a Physician’s Sworn Commitment: The Ultimate Balancing Act

    A great deal of the concept of autonomy stands on the grounds of a patient being mentally and emotionally capable of making decisions about their own well being; the ability to fully absorb and understand the information offered by healthcare professionals is also required to make an informed choice.

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  • A Philosophical Analysis of American History X

    A Philosophical Analysis of American History X

    Maaari namang tumanggi ang tao sa tawag ng Iba. Ika nga ni Cleofas, “it is indeed within the realm of possibility not to speak, not to give and not to be responsible.4” Maaaring sabihin ni Derek na hindi niya kayang maging responsible o baka natatakot siya. Pero hindi ito

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  • A Theistic Argument for the Problem of Evil

    A Theistic Argument for the Problem of Evil

    If god is morally indifferent, then this could logically be the best of all worlds even with the presence of evil and suffering as we know them. While the world seems to operate on systems of subjective morality, it would actually operate on some sort of grey-objective morality that

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  • A Thousand Splendid Sunny Suns

    A Thousand Splendid Sunny Suns

    man. Poor women are seen as mere objects compared to wealthy men and mainly used. Nana forbids Mariam from going to school because she believes that the one and only thing Mariam needs to know is how to endure life. Nana wants to keep Mariam in with her in poverty

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  • Abortions


    women will be haunted for the rest of their lives once they have gone through this tragedy in their life not knowing how to deal with the issue or problem. If a woman is not sure if the abortion is right for her there’s another method called the Abortion Pill

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  • American Democracy from a Platonic View

    American Democracy from a Platonic View

    Also, Plato explained that ‘a reciprocal relationship exists between the individual and the kind of society he or she lives in (Socio 77).’ Therefore, the society in which someone resides can affect that someone, and also the someone that resides in that society can affect that society. This gives

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  • Analyse the Important Factors of Either Deontology or Natural Moral Law

    Analyse the Important Factors of Either Deontology or Natural Moral Law

    In this situation the shopkeeper could have taken more money than he should have but let us assume that he didn’t. Now, was his behaviour good (i.e. not taking advantage of you)? Kant says it depends. If he took the right money because he thought you more likely to

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  • Analysis of a Visionary Leader-Charles Kali

    Analysis of a Visionary Leader-Charles Kali

    Today, he and his helpful traders actually do business together and their combined buying resources give them better rates/prices. Negotiator: Kali was very good with negotiating deals as he successfully medediated negotiations like the following: - Mediation between the Lesotho banks and their employees in 1993; - Mediation between

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  • Antigone Comparison Paper

    Antigone Comparison Paper

    I believe a good individual follows the morally correct values of the other members of the community. In order to make the community virtuous everyone needs to have the same moral compass, and think about the consequences some decisions may have on the community. Each individual should want to

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  • Are Art Woks Forgeable?

    Are Art Woks Forgeable?

    ​Sex in the broader sense of the term would include acts such as oral and anal sex, although these acts may only involve one partner’s sexual organs. The difference between these forms of sex and PVI sex can mainly be seen through the significance that people place on them.

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  • Arendt Response Stefano Frisenna

    Arendt Response Stefano Frisenna

    It’s interesting to notice how Arendt thoughts are still of primary importance nowadays. In fact , if we look at Palestinians or even more Syrians, we see countries where the fundamental right of citizenship is not granted to their people. The world refugees is one of the most used

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  • Aristoteles


    - Timocracia: ambición por riqueza, su gobierno es parecido al de la aristocracia, se tiene un temor por los que gobiernan. Existe guerras incesantes y desobediencia a las leyes. Debido a la mala educación (gimnasia antes que música) forzada se llega a - Oligarquía: afán de riqueza, desdeño a

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  • Aristotle Essay

    Aristotle Essay

    components of the soul. The rational component, which is the first component of the soul, controls individual’s irrational tendencies. On the other hand, the irrational component, which is shared with animals, is the vegetative capability, which is responsible for nutrition and growth. He believed that happiness is the activity of

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  • Aristotle’s Ethics

    Aristotle’s Ethics

    Alongside what Aristotle identifies as the greatest good, Aristotle continues to build upon what attributes are necessary for a person to live a good life. He explains what it means to be happy versus good. In order to live a good life, one must be a good, virtuous person

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  • Aristotle’s Understanding of Happiness

    Aristotle’s Understanding of Happiness

    Intro to Philosophy Final Reflection Paper 3. Discuss at length Aristotle’s understanding of happiness. What is it? How does it relate to the life choice of each person? Where do sophrosyne, effort and excellence figure in to happiness? How does happiness influence the rest of your life? Note: the discussion

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  • Arriving at Truth - a Two Way Street

    Arriving at Truth - a Two Way Street

    Descartes states in part six of Discourse on Method that he is unsure whether or not to publish his ideas. He stated, “…my inclination, which has always made me hate the business of writing books, immediately made me find enough other reasons to excuse me from it,” (Descartes, 34).

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  • Art & Craft in Nikolay Gogol’s “the Portrait”

    Art & Craft in Nikolay Gogol’s “the Portrait”

    However, such a reaction is caused not so much admiration as envy, an understanding that he never wrote in this way, does not create such a beautiful, purest, harmonious work. He tries to regain lost talent, again takes up the brush, but the boundary that he passed many years

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  • Bangladesh Vs. China Mythology

    Bangladesh Vs. China Mythology

    Yan Wang: is the god of death and the sovereign of the underworld. He is also the judge of the underworld and decides whether the dead will have good or miserable future lives. Zhong kui: is the vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings. Portraits of him were hung in

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  • Berliner and Whitman Notes

    Berliner and Whitman Notes

    OSF 3: Food Insecurity and Schooling - Poor diets, hunger, food insecutiry, malnutrition have a direct effect on academic achievement - Example of kids from Guatemala - Exposing kids to healthy food has direct impact on aa - Important to give them nutritious food from 1-3 years as it

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  • Bisclavret Analytical Essay

    As the tale moves on the woman becomes afraid of her husbands hidden secret. She goes to a former lover for help in escaping him and for protection. She is shamed for doing so even though she never agreed into this life with a werewolf husband. The husband is

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  • Black English - Baldwin - Review

    Black English - Baldwin - Review

    Both Tan and Baldwin gave examples of living with being stereotyped. For example, Baldwin focuses on the fact that whites say that Black English is improper, yet, they use “our” signifying expressions, not even knowing what they mean and there being many different types of English spoken in the

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  • Buddhism / Christianity

    Buddhism / Christianity

    enough, the similar context of each of their births. However, Buddha and Jesus did not start teaching until after intense meditation. Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree and was seduced by Mara, the Lord of Desire as Jesus was in the desert for forty days and was seduced by Satan

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  • Business Ethics - Cross Border Business

    Business Ethics - Cross Border Business

    Under section 9(2) of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (Cap 201), Qinghua offered the money to Keemark without the permission of Kitchen Best as an inducement to adjust the testing result in relation to the HdM’s order. Although Qinghua was a subcontractor regard to the case, Kitchen Best was

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  • Cannibalism as Medicine for Incurable Degenerative Brain Diseases

    Cannibalism as Medicine for Incurable Degenerative Brain Diseases

    Sudoku seizure The saying ‘too much of something is bad’ can be applied in this case. Apparently, a 25-year-old right-handed student had seizures whenever he tried to solve Sudoku problems. The patient was a physical education student who had been buried by an avalanche during a ski trip and

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  • Children of Migrant Workers

    Children of Migrant Workers

    They were also the victims of crime. The children abuse is a serious problem in China, especially for the left-behind children. A survey in Hunan reports that in many poor areas, 46.8 percent of left-behind children were injured for a long time, and most of cases could be avoided

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  • Citylife


    in the sterile canteen, queue for fifteen minutes to be sold an over-priced wrap and weak-ass coffee from a middle aged weapon of a woman with a bad attitude and a turn in her eye. Scan the entire seating area for a vacant seat, recieving glances from the other occupants

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  • Comparing Plato and Descartes

    Comparing Plato and Descartes

    Plato in Phaedo talks about the immortality and the re-embodiment of the soul. It speaks of how the soul always brings about life. Phaedo also talks about the different theory of forms. Socrates argues that it is easy to establish counterparts of any sense-objects. He goes on state that

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