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Bangladesh Vs. China Mythology

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Yan Wang: is the god of death and the sovereign of the underworld. He is also the judge of the underworld and decides whether the dead will have good or miserable future lives.

Zhong kui: is the vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings. Portraits of him were hung in Chinese houses at the end of the Chinese lunar year to scare away evil spirits and demons.

King Xuan of Zhou: according to Chinese legend executed his minister, Tu Po. on false charges even after being warned that Tu Po’s ghost would seek revenge. Three years later, according to historical chronicles, he shot and killed Xuan with a bow and arrow before an assembly of feudal lords.

Ba jiao gui (banana ghost): it’s a female ghost that dwells in a banana tree and appears wailing under the tree at night, sometimes carrying a baby. It is believed that greedy people ask for lottery numbers from the ghost in the hope of wining money. They tie a red string around the tree trunk, stick sharp needles into the tree, and tie the other end of the string to their beds. At night, the ghost appears and begs the person to set her free. In return, she will give him/her a set of wining numbers.

Diao si gui: The ghosts of people who died from hanging due to various reasons (execution, suicide, accident). They are usually depicted with long red tongues sticking out of their mouths.

Gui Po: This is a peaceful and friendly old woman. They may be the spirits of amahs who used to work as servants in rich families. They return to help their masters with housekeeping matters or take care of young children and babies. However, there are also evil gui pos.

Nu gui: A ghost with long hair in a white dress. In folklore, this ghost is the spirit of a woman who committed suicide while wearing a red dress. Usually, she experienced some form of injustice when she was alive, such as being wronged or sexually abused. She returns to take her revenge.

Wutou gui: It’s a headless ghosts who roam about aimlessly. They are the spirits of people who were killed by decapitation due to various causes. It’s believed that the Wutou gui approaches people at night and asks them where his/her head is.

Any types of unnatural or supernatural things are Myths, normally myths are introduced from nature, history or customs telling stories by the people. Myths are special characteristics of every culture. Discussion from Bangladesh and Chinese myths, it seems that the two country myths are alike as well as ghosts are approaches the same way. At the time every Ghosts were alive in the earth, due to unnatural various causes’ death (suicide, accident, execution etc.,) of the ghost soul spirits are becoming evil as same as both Bangladesh and Chinese Mythology. We found, most of ghosts are evil types and there are also some good ghosts both Bangladesh and Chinese Mythology. Both China and Bangladesh are Asian country, according to geographical status two country locations are so far distances. Inspite of it’s the cultural and mythological aspects are mostly similar between Bangladesh and China. Besides these myths, there are lots of interesting stories both in Bangladesh and Chinese culture.


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