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Project in Philosophy

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Outcomes of disables people desire and ability to be independent depends on various factors. Some of these are parental influence, age at onset of disability, educational status, and environmental barriers.

Parental Attitude is an ideal situation where home for children with disabilities are well provided for.

The age at onset of the disability is a of special relevance for independence tendencies of a person. People disabled from early childhood are well adjusted compared to individuals disabled in adulthood. It is best to give the person with disability every educational opportunity that they can use in applying for jobs in institutions. Women with disabilities when provided with good education can lead better.

Environment factors are factors outside person’s convictions as regard dependency.

PREJUDICE- previously formed judgement applied to some persons, objects or situation usually a hostile manner without saying facts.

- learnt through contact with the object of prejudice or contact with others who have the prejudice, the latter is the most important.

- tend to persist and get stronger when contact between the prejudiced and his objects on prejudice remote.

- tend to gratify individual needs and alter memory and perception

- considered a form of displaced aggression channeled towards a weak group that cannot retaliate

When a person is prejudiced, his perception and memory alter that he only sees what he wants to see or what he believes he is going to see. Prejudice can lead to being social handicap in which the inferior group is prevented from adequate schooling, library facilities, housing and social amenities. This result to poor education, mediocre skills, and high unemployment rate. The bad result of prejudice leads to segregation of the two groups, the oppressor and the oppressed.


With respect to physical disability the most obvious is when such help is directed towards making mobility easy.

Retard progress

It is the slow development of skills due to disabilities by giving him/her a chance to do it by himself/herself.


The article posted on Manila Standard Today on September 8, 2015. It is about a speech by Tony ‘Meloto the founder of Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc. He talks about imagining the Philippines rising from poverty and being equal when it comes to social standards. He also introduced Louis, a 20-year old French guy who is a student at Paris top business school, HEC, and now he is devoted in helping and feeding the poor here in the Philippines.

Farm Village University

The GK Enchanted Farm is Gawad Kalinga’s platform to raise social entrepreneurs, help our local farmers and create wealth in the countryside. As we learned that the road out of poverty is a continuing journey and therefore, providing homes is merely the beginning, we also realized that our country is abundant with resources (land included) that we can harness for every Filipino to continuously lead a life with dignity. The ambition of Meloto is to help poor kids by sending them to school.

An enchanted evening

It is a benefit concert by GK Enchanted Farm Students choir and other street kids. According to Meloto the concert is about Filipinos dreaming together.

Authentic dialogue means accepting others who have disabilities

Authentic dialogue with persons who are developmentally disabled explodes this myth, challenging mental health professionals and families to engage in genuine dialogue with people who are developmentally disabled. It is used for the disabled to express his/her emotions, it us used as a kind of therapy.

There is a strong link between poverty and disability. (World Bank, 2010)

650 million people in the world are living with disabilities- this is about 10% of world’s population. They encounter a myriad of physical and social obstacles that:

- prevent them from receiving an education;

- prevent them from getting jobs, even when they are well qualified;

- prevent them from accessing information;

- prevent them from obtaining proper health;

- prevent them from getting around;

- prevent them from “fitting in” and being accepted.

Activities Undertaken by social agencies that demonstrate the talents of person with disabilities (pwd’s) and other sectors of society

Cyberspace provides a limitless amount of opportunities for pwd’s

A job fair held at SM North Edsa in June 2015. The event was called “Work anywhere through ICt, Kaalaman at Kabuhayan, para sa may Kapansanan; An ICT and Jobs and Skills Fair for PWD’s.” It is a job fair for PWD’s in the field of ICT.

Social contributions of koramco reits & trust


- Reaching out to people in need

- Educational and Academic Support

- Public Welfare

- Environmental Preservation

- Employee Volunteering

a.s Watson group oplan employment for people with disabilities

They referred jobs to those with employment need and conducted workshops enhancing the skills, talents, and knowledge.


They opened a store in the United States hiring people with disabilities and less fortunate.



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