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Personal Teaching Philosophy

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Educational philosophy has opened my eyes to an entirely new way of looking at my teaching strategy and techniques. When it comes to my students I need to be able to accommodate the diverse needs of each child. It must be done in a manner that helps to build confidence, knowledge, and momentum. There are so many factors that affect a child’s education, like the role of society, teacher, students, and educational needs, that to limit myself to one style or philosophy would be detrimental to all of my students. It was asked of me how I would make sure my students were going to be assured the best educational experience, through assessment, instruction, and curriculum, I will constantly evolve the educational experience for every student to fit their own individual needs and assist in the goal of empowering every student to self-learning and controlling their own education and future. My educational philosophy may have roots in idealism, realism, existentialism, pragmatism, or postmodernism, but wherever our belief stems from the matter of fact still is that philosophy of education enables students to aim at understanding, interpretation and unification of reality so that they can be viewed from a unified perspective and not as discrete entities.


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