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Morality & Ethics

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If the proposed solution is taken into account there is a high chance that the problem will be mitigated and in future it can be hoped that the problem will be disappear for good. By enforcing a strong law a strong warning can be given to the existing and potential culprits that a misdeed is occurred the punishment is hardest. By practicing the law a message can be given that no one will get away by committing a misdeed. But only by enforcing and practicing the law the problem can’t be uprooted. An awareness program is very much needed to actually make people understand that how serious, hideous and unethical the problem really is.

The proposed solution is very feasible by financially and socio culturally. First of all the proposed solution will not cost much to implement. To let the general people know about new law and regulation some official gadget will have to be published in local newspapers. And for the awareness program the civil society and the people who want to bring change into society will be attending voluntarily. Through some advertisement and television serial this socio cultural problem and the solution can be shown in a creative to create a long term impact in the society.

Other than that in the school each club can be given an assigned task to show and solve this problem in their own unique way. Thus new and improved way to deal with this problem can be invented and the awareness of this issues will be spread. Same solution mentioned above can be implemented into every magic school to raise awareness and to deal with the problem. The problem can be considered as a dark art and can be included in the “Defense against the dark art” syllabus to raise awareness against this problem and uproot it from the school level.


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