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Prostitution Is an Ethical Business

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Professional Ethics


prostitution is an ethical business


September - December 2016


Acontinuation i want to present you a living of great interest in our society which i believe i daughter is rivalized and controversy in many regions and cultures of the current world where you discuss how it affects or not human dignity, as they are judged the ethical-moral part basandome in a philosophical analysis of prostitution.

¿Would you consider prostitution is an ethical business?

Focusing on the philosophical and anthropological analysis of prostitution, in the writing of the human dignity of the philosopher Giobanni Pico Delia tells us that man is a great and worthy of many, tells us that man is the luckiest of all beings Animated and dignified, therefore, is of all admiration, also tells us that it is sent by the beasts and by the stars by the spirits of the ultraworld.

Also tells us that whoever turns away from the divine law ends up becoming a beast.

Here you could see the case of prostitution as it is poorly seen by the father but is also well seen by some people who resort to this type of work not out of necessity but for pleasure.

A woman can be induced to prostitution by many factors, can be economic, family problems, friends or just for pleasure. But the one that applies the most is the economic, even the beginning prostitution was because of the crisis in which were many women and they exchanged pleasure for any amount of money.

Prostitution is nothing new this activity has been practiced for many years and has become a business for many.

Women who practice prostitution merely do not want themselves, it can be perceived that there is no basis of well-founded ethical principles.

Ethics the moment you agree to prostitute yourself is not important, because you are doing immoral things with your body.


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