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Why an Ethical Business Is More Likely to Produce a Success Story

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Why an ethical business is more likely to produce a success story

The already well known processes of globalization, which constantly impact every facet of the daily life of the people that inhabit the planet, accelerate also the way of doing business, coexistence between humans and alter the environment; the large industries have always been aimed at seeking and obtaining of benefits, in particular those related to the economic enrichment, purchase and sale of products or services, to meet the demands of the new world. On their way, the growth of enterprises both at the national and international level, left in the wake of capitalism, ideological movement, which has not always been concerned about the welfare of the majority, but that allows actions which, in many cases, are morally reprehensible.

Great scandals at companies like Enron, Tyco or Vivendi, have made senior managers to reflect more deeply on the way to develop the business; you can no longer ignore the great need to have clear guidelines about the correct operating procedures and business decision-making, so that it will not be affected in a negative way all those who are linked to the commercial activities in the present.

New indicators of business success have come to light: sustainability, business or corporate social responsibility, and codes of conduct to draw definitive lines in the daily work of the business world, are now key points to stay competitive in a scenario where companies not only seek to obtain economic benefits, but also leave traces positive for the growth of the social and environmental well-being.

It is clear that the purely economic approach of doing business is no longer working as before. The new world order requires a new way of dealing with the conflict in organizations, as well as a treatment of the raw materials much more responsible, so that both people and nature can coexist in a harmonious manner, and therefore, Ethics, understood as explained above, is not only simple, but to accede to the heart of the business, although still have thoughts that there is no such thing. The business, today, should take heart, that is, always and when you want to stay in the main stage of the business world, as a leader and not as a failure, being an example of sustainability, social responsibility and ethical conduct.

The society generally demand that companies behave in an honest and transparent, to be responsible and commit themselves to their environment. That is why it is imperative that the enterprise culture with an ethical standards and that it is assumed by all parts of the company and shall be communicated to the rest of the stakeholders.

It is necessary to get to the business success know the basics of the humanization of the organization and the new techniques to improve the functioning as a team: leadership, group dynamics, conflict resolution, etc. Each time there is more emphasis on all of these


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