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Organizational Ethics

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ethics so they are not scrutinized by others within the matter at hand. External social pressures can be good or bad considering the individual or organization that is being scrutinized and questioned. It must also be taken into consideration that external social pressures have been able to sway people and organizations to change their beliefs and code of ethics for the greater good of people.

It can be comprehended that laws that are u place were incorporated by ethical and moral beliefs. A person or organization that encounters ethical issues realizes that they are not because of laws but due to morals and what is right or wrong. Legal and ethical issues are intertwined that it is impossible to have a decision without utilizing both. The difference between the two can be identified when they are applied to a personal situation opposed to a situation that involves society and its perception of right and wrong.

In conclusion the following paper discussed the ethical issues that can arise in organizations. External social pressure can have an influential advantage or disadvantage on an organizations ethics. It’s the responsibility of the organizations involved in any legal matter to make the necessary changes to conform to changes that are needed legally, ethically and morally.


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