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Organizational Behavior Case

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the finance department can’t process loans and the dealership will start to lose money. (Aliano, 2009)

The contingency approach is also called the backup plan. This plan comes into play when there are certain situations that needs a different type of solution. This mean that even if the administrative approach works for other departments, it may not necessarily work for other different situations. (Aliano, 2009)

The contingency approach allows management to develop certain solutions to solve workplace issues. This approach helps management to change the roles of the employees to meet the individual needs of a certain project. The contingency approach is also a reactive model of business management. This means that management doesn’t plan ahead to reduce the risks of a certain project and only begins a solution on needed basis in order to solve the problems. By doing this, it can result in the lack of skilled employees. (Lister, 2015)

Understanding Concepts

In order to understand the needs of individuals and how they are satisfied can be understood with Abraham Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of needs. According to Maslow’s theory, when one need gets satisfied, another need will take place. Maslow have five basic needs, physiological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization or self-fulfillment. Frederick Herzberg also supplies to the human relations and motivation with two theories: hygiene theory and motivation. With this theory, the factors don’t lead to a higher level of motivation, but without them there will be dissatisfaction. These two approaches must be done at the same time. Treat people as best as possible so there’s little dissatisfaction. Use people so they can get achievement and they can have the ability to grow and advance at their job. (Accel, 2015)


When managing a company, there are multiple tasks and expectations that are expected from each employee as well as from head of the company. The job not only is to promote efficiency and results, but maintaining the balance and flow of the company. If each approach is used correctly to assist management, the company will improve and be a success.


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