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Planned Obsolescence

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and also a lot of disadvantages which can be interesting when asking to hear other peoples opinions on the subject, this would be good for the primary research side of it. I also want to look into certain books like ‘updating to remain the same’ and ‘The waste makers’. What I found interesting when researching the environment and planned obsolescence was that planned obsolescence on electrical’s is hugely damaging to the environment.

"Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing sources of waste according to the UNEP. It is also an especially dangerous form of waste as it contains many heavy metals and toxic plastics." [1,2] This stood out to me as the life span due to planed obsolescence is 3-4 years and once we get rid of the phone it will take years to decompose releasing toxic chemicals into the ecosystem.

Furthermore, I found that certain companies dump all the electronic waste in poorer counties such as Ghana and have the people dangerously demolish or recycle the electronic waste causing major health problems to the people exposed to these fumes and the environment around them. I found this truly devastating and so did France, they " recently taken strong measures against planned obsolescence, and businessmen will be liable to prison sentences and companies will be liable to fines of up to €300,000 if these kinds of practices are found to be performed. "[3].

This is just one of the negative impacts planned obsolescence has and I want to research more into this topic.

I decided that i will be doing a written based dissertation as i feel i can explain it better in words rather that a video based one. The reason is that a lot of it cant be filmed and yet most of the research will be more based on facts rather than opinions. I feel it is more difficult to show how the environment is affected as it occurs more to the LEDC countries in terms of where the wasted materials en


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