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Amcor Marketing Plan

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- Development of the alternative to electricity consumption by exploring renewable energy resources

- Exploring opportunity in solar panel installation and promoting environment friendly operations

- Development of project plan for the current solar panel installation project for Amcor

- Developing schedule for implementation of project in different phases

- Human resource planning in order to fulfill need of human resource for the maintenance and monitoring of current project


The major set of assumptions made for the current project can be given as under:

- Being a new field for Amcor to develop solar panel and producing energy with the help of these solar panels it is important that suitable project manager and project management team for the current project would be developed by contribution from within the organization and from outside the organization as well.

- Project manager and project monitoring team to ensure effective project implementation for sponsorship of underprivileged children in “The Smith Family Foundation” so that their basic needs can be fulfilled and Amcor can develop the reputation of socially responsible organization with all these initiatives.

- Legal team of Amcor needs to ensure legal feasibility for the present project wherein legal licenses and fees are submitted to carry on the current project for Amcor.

- In order to ensure suitable marketing communication for the present initiatives of Amcor marketing team in the organization need to put significant efforts so that branding for Amcor can be promoted with these initiatives and overall brand reputation for company does not get hurt

- It is important for the information technology department to ensure that the implementation of new project for solar panel does not affect the overall operations carried out in the organization

- A comprehensive budget plan along with monitoring plan for the current project needs to be developed which would help in order to keep track of the various cost involved in the current project along with savings which would be made in the current project through lesser consumption of electricity in the operations of Amcor.

- Human resource department in the organization need to ensure that suitable human resource required for the current project would be arranged in order to carry out the project smoothly. Further required skill set and competencies would be developed by human resource management team.

3.0 Project objectives

Objectives of Amcor related with the current project of Solar Panel implementation can be categorized mainly into four parts which are operational, financial, marketing and corporate social responsibility. Project objectives for Amcor in each of these areas can be given as under:

a) Operational

- To install 50 solar panels in one of the manufacturing sites of Amcor located in Hawthorn, VIC by 2017.

- To appoint suitable contractor who has great deal of installing solar panels and can provide qualitative products before January 2015.

- To cleanup and finalize suitable space to put raw materials for the project by the end of June 2017.

- Appoint Project manager and other management personnel for project supervision by the end of June 2017.

- Reduction in energy consumption of Amcor Hawthorn site by 730,000 KWH each year till 2017 starting from 2015 to December 2017 (Dollarsolar n.d.).

We plan to achieve our operational objectives by focusing more on competent and efficient service provider. We will also find and clean up a space for our materials to put in. Appointment of Project manager would be done before the project takes place.

b) Financial

- To get the project approved by the board for seed funding of $1 million for running the business while at startup phase by end of December 2014.

- From the project start date 2015 to the end date December 2017, electricity saving of minimum $170,000 is expected each year (Dollarsolar n.d.).

- Donate our annual electricity bill savings caused by solar panels to ‘The Smith Family’ foundation by sponsoring at least 2,000 underprivileged kids in Australia from January 2016.

We plan to achieve this objective by planning the project into cost effective way. Our solar panel system will be able provide electricity saving of $589,185 in 3 years time. Those savings will be donated to The Smith Family foundation for sponsoring children in need within Australia.

c) Marketing

- Study and compare the trends of solar panel systems and select best market practice for our project by December 2014.

- Improve brand image of the company by introducing 50 solar panels and generating alternative source of electricity by December 2015.

To accomplish our marketing objectives, we will do extensive research on the trends of solar panel efficiency and select a efficient solar panel to reduce maximum possible electricity consumption.

d) Corporate social responsibility

CSR objective for the company is such that it does not have to use 730,000 KWH of electricity from the power grid; hence reducing carbon emission and our reducing electricity expenses, which will be given to ‘The Smith Family’ foundation” after 2018 for sponsoring at least 2,000 children each year.

4.0 Project stakeholders and stakeholder analysis


Interest area and expectation from project

Role in project

Risk area and attitude

Action plan


To develop a good business opportunity with Amcor and a long term commitment

To provide quality products which would be helpful in reducing electricity


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