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Is Mortality More Important Than Law?

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As stated, “Laws regulate external human conduct whereas morality mainly regulates internal conduct. Laws are universal; morality is variable. Laws are definite and precise while morality is variable. Laws are upheld by the coercive power of the state; morality simply enjoys the support of public opinion or individual conscience.”(Law and Morality or Ethics) If you look back at the young lady and her mother who tries to make or suggest her daughter to go to counseling to receive help from officials, there’s great in it but it’s still sitting nonfactual in respect to authority. Yes, I can agree with her mother by looking out for her daughter’s health and future expecting baby. I know the grandmother of the child only wants what’s best for the baby and her daughter. Looking from the grandmother’s perspective her “belief” or “public opinion” has no force here in this situation. In class last semester we did a vote on rather the mother was morally right trying to make her daughter seek help, majority of the class voted yes with the exception of maybe two people. By the count of votes it was evident that majority never thought about law, including myself. However, mortality ruled for me in the example sentence that was generated. If you were to ask this question to a random crowd of people, what would you think their answer would be? More than likely most would agree. It is less likely that a mass of people will disagree because most of every ones opinion on “pregnant mothers taking drug substances”. If you do not think in-depth with the situation law may not cross your mind at all. Well, at least it didn’t cross my mind until we heard the explanation to the question answer. I can agree that some laws do not make sense or seem to be fair but it gives a sense of direction and some restriction. If everyone was to go off of their personal opinion it will still be majority that would agree and maybe not agree, so in this sense law and mortality are equal to importance. It is only due to the fact I can be a part of the minority that thinks the mother decision wasn’t right and the majority can rule against it. What do you think happens with law in that sense?

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