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Elementary School Reflection Paper

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I became more studious and disciplined and found that hard work pays off with better grades. When I got to middle school, I was expecting a harder curriculum, and prepared myself for harder work, but despit what everyone had told me I was breezing through it.It became way too easy and I started to slack off. Instead of falling behind, this time to my surprise I was still making good grades, without all the hard work. Although I didn’t realize it at the time I was wrong, I became accustomed to easy work and lazy ethics, and quickly realized I was extremely unprepared when I went to highschool. This caused me to make many sacrifices, studying a working harder than ever just to make the minimum of all B’s. All my good habits I created when I was little were gone. I had to re- establish every single one. Which in result made me never want to slack off again.

I have only been in college two weeks, once again I was expecting something much harder, although my past has taught me, not to take for granted the ease of the curriculum, I now know that there is something to be learned from every class. My study habits and learning ability is stronger than ever. I have confidence in everything I learn, and I believe my professors can see it. I am good at being on my own, I have always been an independent learner, which has come in handy for college. I hope my professor can see that I am eager to learn and that I have potential for future careers.


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