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  • A Day in the Life of Dissociative Identity Disorder with Frankie Murdoch

    A Day in the Life of Dissociative Identity Disorder with Frankie Murdoch

    The final requirement: “The disturbance is not due to the direct physiological effects of a substance or a general medical condition.” Although the film does not explicitly confirm that Frankie has no physical ailments or substance abuse problems, there is no implication that she has either. Thus, it is

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  • A Guide to Child Nonverbal Iq Measures

    A Guide to Child Nonverbal Iq Measures

    Validity, briefly, refers to how well a test measures what it says it does. The following are five types of validity developmental trends, correlation with similar tests, factor analyses, group comparisons and predictive ability. I feel as though, in a simple way, validity tells you if the hammer is

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  • A Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective

    A Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective

    Clark Hull Hull had very different ideas to Erickson in the process of hypnosis and did not consider it important to involve the client in their therapy. Hull (cited in Hidden Depths: The Story of Hypnosis, 2004) did not believe the existence of a special state during hypnosis (hypnotic

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  • A Psychologists’ Involvement in Death Penalty Cases

    A Psychologists’ Involvement in Death Penalty Cases

    Psychologists are used in the legal system as consultants but they can have an intense impact of the judge and jury which is who ultimately who determines the defendants fate. The down side to this is that often psychologists can feel pressured by their clients to produce results that

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  • A Review on an Article - When Photographs Create False Memories

    A Review on an Article - When Photographs Create False Memories

    However, doctoring someone’s memories can have ethical connotations. It could be considered unethical to change someone’s memories even if it is to treat them. Also, it could be used to convince people of something that they’ve never done and they could confess to wrongdoings which they aren’t responsible for.

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  • A Woman’s Beauty: Put-Down or Power Source?

    A Woman’s Beauty: Put-Down or Power Source?

    The author also compares how a person was looked at as a whole before and today. She says “Several thousand years later, we are more wary of the enhancements of beauty. We not only split off with the greatest facility – the “inside” from the “outside”; but we are

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  • Abnormal Psychology

    Abnormal Psychology

    One cannot divorce the human psyche from the cultural norms of society or community. In Bongani’s case, ethnicity, and culture are factors to be considered, in coming to an all embracing understanding of his condition. Bongani is a Zulu man; hence an understanding of Zulu culture is necessary. He

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  • Abnormal Psychology

    Abnormal Psychology

    - 3.) Why is stress so prevalent in our medical and mental health profile? How might we manage this? Stress is very widespread in today’s civilization because of several circumstances. Numerous individuals suffer from stress after traumatic experiences; this is known as post-traumatic stress disorder also called “PTSD.” The

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  • Abnormal Psychology - Diagnosis & Treatment

    Abnormal Psychology - Diagnosis & Treatment

    Another possible good approach is biological model. After considering all the factors of her parents, there’s a chance that her mental illness might have been inherited from her mother who had a history of alcohol abuse and depression. Abnormalities in brain anatomy or chemistry are sometimes the result of

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  • Abnormal Psychology: The Case of Lindsay Lohan

    Abnormal Psychology: The Case of Lindsay Lohan

    Lindsay’s alcohol problem reached an entirely new level the night of July 24, 2007. Not even two weeks out of court-ordered rehab, Lindsay was arrested with a second DUI following a high-speed car chase (Morris, 2008). After drinking her night away at a party, she had gotten into an

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  • Adhd


    The main issue with parents of children who have ADHD is their inability to perform at the academic level. In most cases these children are very capable but they are deemed unwilling. So instead of finding adequate ways to excite challenge and educate the child they choose the easy

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  • Adhd Medication Changes Children Brain

    Adhd Medication Changes Children Brain

    ADHD Medication Changes Children Brain There has been a trend that there are chances of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) medication changing the children brain. A parent who has a kid who's been determined to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, he or she might confront a choice whether to attempt

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  • Adolescence


    During adolescence, individuals are willing to try new things and take more risks. Hall stated that “a period of semi criminality is normal for all healthy boys”[7]. I believe that this is a stereotype as there is a great number of male adolescents that do not have any connections

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  • Advocacy for Diverse Clientele

    Advocacy for Diverse Clientele

    Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Subcommittee on Appropriations that urged the VA to add counselors to the VA Health Professionals Trainee Program and required a report within 90 days (NBCC, 2016). The VA submitted their report, and stated that 195 counselors and marriage and family therapists were hired 2010

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  • Aggression in Borderline Personality Disorder: A Multidimensional Model

    Aggression in Borderline Personality Disorder: A Multidimensional Model

    Aggression in Borderline Personality Disorder: A Multidimensional Model ========== Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment © 2015 American Psychological Association 2015, Vol. 6, No. 3, 278–291 1949-2715/15/$12.00 Aggression in Borderline Personality Disorder: A Multidimensional Model Falk Mancke, Sabine C. Herpertz, and Katja Bertsch University of Heidelberg This article proposes

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  • Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed

    Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed

    ~ Kati Raikkonen ~ Shion Kasugai ~ Nana V) ROUTE CHOICES ~ Shizuku Tokikaze

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  • Alcohol and Familiy Violence

    Alcohol and Familiy Violence

    Family Violence Impact Children who are exposed to domestic violence are impacted psychologically, emotionally and experience a wide range of difficulties. They are more likely to exhibit aggressive and antisocial behavior or to be depressed and anxious (McGoldrick, Carter, & Garcia Preto, 2011). According to Eric Erickson’s stages of

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  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Addiction, and Dependence

    Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Addiction, and Dependence

    quite similar substances, with enough overlap in molecular structure, mechanism of action and range of effects to blurs the differences of the two. These drugs are indeed very similar to each other in chemical structures. Both morphine and heroin belong to a class of drugs known as opioids – a

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  • Alexandra Franklin Case Study

    Alexandra Franklin Case Study

    In brief psychotic disorder, an individual will have psychotic episodes that would be considered brief. According to Hoodley et al. (2017), “It involves the sudden onset of psychotic or disorganized speech or catatonic behavior. Even though there is great emotional turmoil, the episode usually lasts only a matter of

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  • Alzheimer's Disease: Not Just Memory Loss

    Alzheimer's Disease: Not Just Memory Loss

    Diagnosis The only method of definitively diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease is a brain autopsy. However, physical assessments allow physicians to make a precise judgment of AD. The Alzheimer’s disease Assessment Scale is normally used to measure the severity of the disease. The ADAS evaluates the patient’s orientation, memory, reasoning and

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  • American Psychological Association and Division 7

    American Psychological Association and Division 7

    7’s latest issue, “What is “Tiger” parenting? How does it affect children? An examination of a parenting practice growing in popularity” was published July 2013. The article compares three types of parenting skills and how it affects children emotionally and psychologically. Division 7 is also linked to multiple informational journals

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  • An Ethical and Legal Consideration of Confidentiality Requirements

    An Ethical and Legal Consideration of Confidentiality Requirements

    Sexual activity with children has been considered a crime since the days of early Rome and the establishment of some of the early religious canons (Findholt and Robrecht, 2002). This comes from the belief that children under a certain age are able to make fully informed decisions and so

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  • An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of Heterosexual Male Experience of Togetherness

    Data Analysis Three superordinate themes were identified around the subject of togetherness; shared experiences: routine and novelty, intimate connections, and “couplyness” [sic.] and domesticity. Superordinate Theme 1: Shared experiences: routine and novelty As the answer to the first interview question “What does togetherness mean for you in a relationship?”

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  • An Unquiet Mind

    An Unquiet Mind

    The last chief theme present within Jamison's piece was that of ignorance. Jamison herself expresses how she has shown ignorance regarding her own disease, “What on earth could I have been thinking.... Why didn’t I see how absurd my defiance really was?” (page 100) As seen from Jamison's life,

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  • Analysis of Event Where I Was Motivated

    Analysis of Event Where I Was Motivated

    high Expectancy, here supported by the promise of performance improvement on putting in more efforts; a high Instrumentality, supported by the incentives of performance and; a high Valence, supported the coherence of personal goals with the rewards; leads to high motivation which ultimately helps individuals to achieve their goals.  

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  • Analysis of Psychiatric Disorders

    Analysis of Psychiatric Disorders

    Notably, the American Psychiatric Association and the World Health Organization developed the two tools respectively. Currently, the most frequent and commonly used tool is the current revision of the American Psychologist Association manual referred to as DSM-IV-TR by several researchers. The device can classify, define, and describe over two

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  • Anchording Theory of Lightness Perception

    Anchording Theory of Lightness Perception

    Figure 3. ‘Reproduced from “Discusion” by Howe, 2001, Discussion. Perception, 30(8), p. 1023. Reproduced with permission Howe (2001) suggested that four gray bars were same in real reflectance. In Figure 3a, the left gray bar was inside a black framework, so it appeared lighter than the left gray bar.

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  • Anger Management

    Anger Management

    It is clear enough that anger has a lot of serious consequences if it is not addressed early enough. Anger might cause fights which may in turn lead to unhealthy relationships. Such unhealthy relationships may lead to divorce and even loss of jobs (Gentry, 2011). When this happens individuals

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  • Anxiety Disorders Case

    Anxiety Disorders Case

    patients’ lives because it is so “random” and indiscriminate, so there is no way of telling when it will effect them. -General anxiety disorder is most frequently encountered by primary care physicians, to whom sufferers may go to seek help for the physical symptoms of the disorder (Carey). C. Causes

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  • Anxiety, Depression, and Adhd

    Anxiety, Depression, and Adhd

    The exact causes of adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are unknown. What we do know is that are a lot of possible reasons a person develops attention deficit disorder, and the factors vary from person to person. Some of the causes could be: ADHD has a strong genetic

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