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Emotional Intelligence

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After talking to Ritika, I realized that my empathy levels are different in a work context. I tend to be more accommodating and understanding with my office colleagues. I do not have much reasoning behind this, but maybe because I feel pressurized and have the belief that when I am in need these very people would return the favor.

Significance to me:

Empathy is crucial to any personal or professional relationship. I aspire to become an effective leader and according to me, empathy plays a very important part along with technical knowhow. If you want to earn the respect and loyalty of your team, then show them you care by being empathic.

For leaders, having empathy is critical to managing a successful team or organization. Leaders with empathy have the ability to put themselves in someone else's situation. They help develop the people on their team, challenge others who are acting unfairly, give constructive feedback, and listen to those who need it.

My own assessment of this skill is that I am low on it and need to develop it. I am often preoccupied with my own thoughts and discuss those with friends but when I have to hear to others at times get disinterested. On the other hand, I hate it when others do not pay attention to what I have to say and thus it becomes very important for me to behave the same way. In addition, I have a habit of giving importance or paying attention to only the people I consider important or the discussion related to me or on topics that interest me. I have realized, it is equally important to listen to other people/ topics of less interest to me and react appropriately.

Application of ABC Model


Affect component refers to the emotional reaction one has towards an attitude object. I feel that I should show empathy towards everyone as I expect the same. I feel connected to certain issues and people only. I feel the urge to help people in some issues where I can be of greater help and improve their current situation.


The behavior component refers to the way one behaves when exposed to an attitude object. I actively listen to people, understand them, and provide constructive inputs in issues that interest me.


The cognitive component refers to the thoughts and beliefs one has about an attitude object. My thoughts and beliefs are that I should be empathetic towards everyone but vague topics or less relational topics disinterest me. I think that I should take active interest in others concerns, anticipate someone’s needs.

Action Plan

- Put yourself in someone else's position

- Pay attention to body language

- Respond to feelings

- Validate the other person’s perspective

- Listen


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