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Emotional Intelligence

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Answer 3 (a): In my opinion, Carla has been misusing some of the principles of supportive communication as identified by (Whetten & Cameron, 1993). Those are:

- Carla has not been able to be congruent with her massage to Melanie. She is still holding back her honest feelings about her work and the level of quality that she desires from Melanie’s work.

- Carla has not been descriptive about what she expects from Melanie and what Melanie needs to do to meet the standard of the work that is required from her

- Carla has been practicing invalidating communication with Melanie rather than valuing her level of commitment and her passion towards the success of the TV show and making her feel valued and important to the success of the show

- Carla has not been owning up to her feeling towards Melanie’s work and what is expected of her. Her use of “we” to explain her the problem is an evidence of Carla not clearly stating her feelings.

Question 3 (b): What suggestions would you have for Carla that would help her to further develop her communication skills?

Answer 3 (b): As per my understanding of the case, Melanie’s inefficiency is the root cause for Carla’s packed up and overwhelming schedule. However, Carla is the one to blame in this situation because she hasn’t been able to use Melanie to her full potential. The suggestions that I’d give to Carla are:

- She should analyze Melanie’s work and clearly tell her what she wants from her

- She should be descriptive about her feelings about Melanie’s work and give her an honest opinion

- She should praise Melanie for her commitment to the TV show and her drive for perfection, which would ultimately make Melanie feel more welcomed and also boost her confidence.

- She should own up to her statements.

- Convey her feelings to Melanie very precisely and make sure her communication is specific, not global

- She should consider being more task oriented than being person oriented


- Whetten, D., & Cameron, K. (1993). Developing management skills (9th ed., pp. 197-207). New York, NY: HarperCollins.


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